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Find the different giraffe in this picture

Find the different giraffe in this picture

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Photo – Online Series / Reproduction / Canva

a giraffe It is a curious animal that draws attention to the size of its neck. It can reach six meters in length, and its neck can reach three meters in length. It consists of human-like cervical vertebrae, with the difference that each of them is exceptionally elongated.

Thanks to their long and strong legs, giraffes can reach great speeds. Another striking detail of these animals is that their coat is speckled with brown spots, providing better camouflage in the midst of the African landscape.

Native to the African continent, giraffes are found in countries such as South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Namibia. They live in groups called herds, consisting of females and their young.

Males tend to be more solitary, and may also join the group temporarily during mating season. Giraffes use vocalizations, body movements, and gestures to communicate.

Find different giraffe:

Photo – Online Series / Reproduction / Canva

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They are herbivores, and feed mainly on leaves, flowers and buds, which explains their long neck to reach the treetops. In the photo above, there are several identical giraffes. However, one of them has a slight difference. Try to find it in the shortest possible time.

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