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Find out who is required to declare income tax in 2022

advertisement Income tax It is an annual commitment for many workers. But not everyone is obligated to advertise. Valid for those who have earned more than R$28,559.70 during 2021. The declaration must be made within the deadline. See what it will look like in 2022.

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The deadline for the announcement is between March and April. Whoever declares it first has faster access to an income tax refund.

Tax in 2022

As always, many taxpayers have skepticism about advertising, including deadlines and values. To facilitate income tax declaration, the sooner the taxpayer organizes himself, the better.

Therefore, throughout the year, the ideal is to separate income reports, medical expense receipts, financial investments, and other transactions.

To make the declaration process easier, taxpayers can download the declaration generator program available on Federal Revenue’s website. Thus, the taxpayer can organize himself with more time.

Organizing your tax return is a way to avoid getting caught in the micro-net due to information errors or even lack of data during advertising. Thus, those who fall into the fine net can pay fines and other amounts in excess of what would be necessary to comply with the federal revenue tax obligation.

Another tip is that those who find it more difficult to make an advertisement seek the help of an expert. The sooner you seek this help from accountants, the greater the chances of complying with all deadlines and collecting the necessary documents for your income tax return.

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As what has been observed in previous years is that with the end of the advertising period, the federal revenue system tends to become more crowded with more instability. Which can hurt compliance with advertising deadlines.