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The salary bonus will be up to R$2,420 from January; know who receives

Workers who were dependent on salary credit PIS / Pasep This year they received news that payments would be delayed until 2022. The government’s goal was to raise funds to fund the Emergency Employment and Income Maintenance (BEm) programme.

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The expectation now is that the release will take place from January of next year. The allowance is a right for workers who have worked on an official contract for at least 30 days in the base year which in this case was 2020.

In addition to the deferred amount, the citizen must also receive the allowance for the base year 2021, this means that in 2022 the allowance can be deposited m good For all those who worked on an official contract in the two base years mentioned (2020 and 2021).

How is the PIS / Pasep season ticket paid?

Money is released in proportion to the number of months worked, up to the maximum value of the minimum wage. In other words, whoever worked for one month only gets 1/12 of the national minimum, while whoever worked during the twelve months is entitled to the full amount.

It is also worth noting that an amendment will be made in lowest wages Valid from January. According to the latest government forecast, the value should reach R$1,210 to replace the accumulating inflation and avoid losing the purchasing power of Brazilians.

The salary bonus payment schedule has not yet been released, but there are expectations that it will be released in the month of the worker’s birth.

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