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Find out which Brazilian movie entered the top 3 on Netflix in the USA

Find out which Brazilian movie entered the top 3 on Netflix in the USA

The good side of betrayal Successful in the United States of America. The action thriller currently debuts at number three in the top 10 series Netflix in the country.

Via Instagram, director Diego Freitas celebrated the film’s good performance: “Our film is among the top 3 films in the United States!!!! That is speechless.”

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About the movie

Based on Sue Hecker’s book of the same name, the film revolves around Babbie (played by Giovanna Lancellotti), a woman who discovers her long-term partner is cheating and decides to change her life. At this moment she meets Judge Marco (played by Leandro Lima), and the two embark on a story full of sexual tension.

In addition to Lancellotti and Lima, the cast also includes Camilla De Lucas, Bruno Montaleone and Louise Dutoani, former BBB members.

It’s directed by Diego Freitas, also responsible for After the Universe, which arrived on the streaming platform last year.

The good side of betrayal Available on Netflix.

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