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After 22 years, singer Bello has settled a millionaire’s debt with Denílson TV News

After 22 years, singer Bello has settled a millionaire’s debt with Denílson TV News

The more than two-decade fight between Denilson de Oliveira and Bello finally ended in justice. The former player bought the rights to the Soweto group in the 2000s, but the singer left the group a year later. The band’s commentator claimed he had breached the contract and demanded a fine, which the singer had only recently paid. The value amounted to 7 million Brazilian reals.

Bagudero’s consultant confirmed the effectiveness of the agreement to journalist Leo Dias. Bellew was ordered in 2004 to pay compensation to Denilson, and since then, he has never complied with the judicial agreement. Several orders were issued to block and seize the singer’s assets.

The last chapter of the fight takes place while the artist is participating in Dança dos Famosos, a painting Domingão did with Huck. Any kind of fee and award was prohibited in court at the request of the five-time champion husband Gracian Barbosa.

The fee and prize pagodeiro would be pawned on the dance floor to pay the debt, but Belo failed to reach the semifinals of the program, so he was nowhere near winning the competition.

The impact of the fighting over the years has been enormous. In many of the posts he made on his Instagram, Bello received comments mocking the fact that Pagodero owed millions to the former player. “It’s good people, it’s a pity they haven’t paid Denilson yet,” one netizen released.

Now, however, the meme has come to an end: According to Bello’s team, the R$7 million he had accumulated a debt with Denilson has been paid. To date, however, neither the former player nor the singer himself has publicly announced regarding the end of the legal battle.

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