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Fiat offers a special edition 500e: an electric ice cream cart

Fiat offers a special edition 500e: an electric ice cream cart

England faces an environmental dilemma when it comes to beloved ice cream carts. Traditionally powered by diesel engines that also run the cooling system, these vehicles have been banned due to environmental concerns. Seizing this opportunity, Fiat introduced an innovative answer to the UK’s hot weather.

The carmaker known in Europe for its new slogan “The Sweet Life” has launched a special edition of the Fiat 500e titled “Gelateria Edition”. This modified electric compact has been carefully designed to deliver irresistible frozen desserts.

Built on top of the convertible variant of the 500e, the vehicle not only conforms to the country’s stringent environmental standards, but also exemplifies the eco-conscious potential of electric motors and batteries.

This unique car satisfies around 300 customers every day, according to the statistic that 90% of Britons buy ice cream from trucks.

Its interior was meticulously planned to accommodate all the necessary equipment for selling ice cream, including two freezers of 30 liters capacity each with compartments for cones, spoons and cups.

The interior layout has been restructured by removing the passenger seats and providing practical space for the driver and the ice cream vendor to move around easily.

The exterior paintwork in a two-tone mix of pale blue and cream tones evokes nostalgia for 1950s Italian ice cream parlors, while this color palette extends to the interior upholstery and various graphic elements.

In keeping with the electric cars characteristic of emitting simulated sounds at low speeds to warn pedestrians, the Fiat 500e “Gelateria Edition” recreated an iconic jingle from traditional ice cream trucks and incorporated a creative touch.

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Creating a complete sensory experience, Fiat has launched a new ice cream flavor called “Picerin”. Combining coffee, chocolate and oat milk, this flavor is inspired by a classic hot drink from the maker’s hometown of Turin.

While the changes made to the vehicle are impressive, the electric base of the Fiat 500e remains unchanged with its 117 hp electric motor and 42 kWh battery.

However, the extra weight due to cooling equipment and power requirements will affect the original range of the vehicle, which is 260 km.

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