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FGTS: Birthday draw released for those born in April |  Economy

FGTS: Birthday draw released for those born in April | Economy

Caixa FGTS app – Christmas draw – Photo: Fabiana Figueiredo/G1

The FGTS Birthday Draw will be released on Monday (1st) for those born in April. The withdrawal period continues until June 28, otherwise the amount returns to the fund balance.

Created in 2020, the FGTS allows workers to withdraw a portion of the balance from active and inactive FGTS accounts, annually, in their birth month.

Membership is optional and withdrawals can be made via the FGTS app, FGTS website and Caixa Online Banking – there is no need to go to a bank branch.

Those who do not opt ​​into membership remain in the standard system, which is termination of withdrawal. Understand the differences below:

  • End withdrawal: The system under which the worker is entitled, upon dismissal without a legitimate reason, to withdraw in full from the FGTS account, including the termination fine, when due. This is the standard way a worker joins FGTS.
  • Birthday withdrawal: An optional system whereby the worker can annually, in the month of his birth, withdraw part of his FGTS balance. If the worker is fired, he will only be able to withdraw the amount related to the termination penalty (the 40% fine paid by the company) and will not be able to withdraw the full amount from the account..

Withdrawal calendar in 2024

  • Born in January: Drawings are from January 2 to March 29
  • Born in February: Withdrawals from February 1 to April 30
  • Born in March: Withdrawals from March 1 to May 31
  • Born in April: Drawings from April 1 to June 28
  • Born in May: Withdrawals from May 2 to July 31
  • Born in June: Drawings are from June 3 to August 30
  • Born in July: Withdrawals from July 1 to September 30
  • Born in August: Withdrawals from August 1 to October 31
  • Born in September: Drawings from September 2nd to November 30th
  • Born in October: Withdrawals from October 1 to December 29
  • Born in November: Withdrawals from November 1 to January 31, 2025
  • Born in December: Withdrawals from December 2 to February 28, 2025
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How does the method work?

The Christmas Draw was created as another opportunity to redeem FGTS accounts. Under this method, the worker can withdraw part of the value from the Guarantee Fund accounts annually according to the month in which he was born, but he loses the right to withdraw the total balance from his FGTS account in the event of arbitrary dismissal. . Therefore, you are only entitled to a termination penalty of 40% of the value of the FGTS.

The Birthday Draw is only issued to a worker who informs Caixa of his or her wish to receive the amounts annually. Otherwise, he will only be able to withdraw the FGTS in cases provided by law, including buying his own home, retirement and unfair dismissal – see all situations here

The application must be formalized by the last day of the month of birth. Otherwise, the worker is only entitled to the Christmas withdrawal annuity the following year.

However, Caixa recalls that opting out of date of birth is optional. He explains that “those who do not make the choice will remain in the withdrawal termination system.” But if the worker does not withdraw this resource, it automatically returns to his FGTS account.

There is a withdrawal limit for annual withdrawals from FGTS. The annual withdrawal amount will be a percentage of the worker's account balance. For accounts up to R$ 500, 50% of the balance will be released, a percentage that decreases as the amount in the account increases. For accounts over R$500, these withdrawal percentages will be increased by a fixed installment. (See values ​​in table below)

As withdrawals are made, the balance decreases, increasing the percentage that can be withdrawn.

Maximum annual withdrawals from FGTS — Photo: Copy/Ministry of Economy

How to join the Christmas draw

Caixa provides service channels so that workers with a FGTS account, whether active or inactive, can choose. They are the following:

Use it in credit operations

Those who opt for a Christmas withdrawal are also allowed to request a bank loan using the FGTS balance as collateral. In practice, the shareholder anticipates the withdrawals to which he or she will be entitled in his or her birth month and the amounts are frozen for later transfer of resources to the creditor financial institution.

According to data from the Ministry of Economy, replacing unsecured personal credit with credit secured by FGTS birthday withdrawal benefits allows to reduce the cost of the loan.

FGTS 2024 Birthday Draw is now available for workers