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What is the maximum period for receiving the first installment of the thirteenth salary?

What is the maximum period for receiving the first installment of the thirteenth salary?

The thirteenth salary is much awaited by workers in November. Many of them will benefit from the extra money to pay off debts. The first installment has already become traditional to be paid on November 30.

Payment is made in two stages, the first installment is due to the worker in full. The second installment must be paid by December 20 with INSS and income tax deductions.

The worker hardly keeps the money to use in his spare time and most of the time it is the amount received to pay off some debt or pay back bills.

When will I get my thirteenth salary payments?

The Labor Code states that the first installment of the thirteenth salary must be paid between February 1 and November 30. The second installment will be paid on December 20th.

Every person working under an official contract is entitled to the thirteenth salary. account Thirteenth salary This will be based on the months in the year you worked. Anyone who has worked for 12 months will get the full amount. For those who worked, for example, 5 months, they will receive an amount proportional to the days worked. To start calculating your entitlement to benefits, you must have worked at least 15 days in a year. Overtime also counts towards the thirteenth day. On the other hand, workers dismissed for good reason will not be entitled to benefits.

Paying the thirteenth salary will inject more than 230 billion Brazilian reais into the economy

According to the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Social and Economic Studies (Dieese), the thirteenth salary payment will get the economy moving at the end of the year. According to the organization’s estimates, more than 230 billion R$ will be handled by 83 million Brazilians.

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This is because formal workers from the private sector and public servants will receive the first payment at least until November 30. The second must be deposited by December 20.