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Fernando Haddad and his goals do not even encourage the government

Fernando Haddad and his goals do not even encourage the government

Minister of Social Security, Carlos LupeIt contradicts Fernando Haddad's goal of achieving a “zero deficit” this year.

“This is very unlikely,” Luby said in an interview with the newspaper. State of San Paulo, published on Saturday 23. “A government cannot have a specific goal because that specific goal cannot be achieved. It is almost impossible. This zero target is a goal to demonstrate the government's commitment to creating a healthy and balanced economy.

Jesse Hoffman
A dispute between Labor Party leader MP Gleese Hofmann and Finance Minister Fernando Haddad over the zero-sum deficit Photo: Alessandro Dantas/PT

Haddad said, in interviews, that he is confident of achieving this goal this year, despite the Labor Party itself not believing in it internally. Last year, there was a disagreement between him and the party's chair, Gacy Huffman, over this issue.

Moreover, the same promise was not fulfilled in 2023. In that year, the federal government recorded a deficit of more than R$230 billion.

Fernando Haddad blames Bolsonaro

When the Central Bank announced the negative result for the Lula administration, Fernando Haddad credited the result to Bolsonaro's account.

According to Fernando Haddad, there was a “negligence” on the part of the previous government, which proposed and agreed, after the approval of the National Congress, to set an annual cap on the payment of court orders and reduce the state tax on fuel.

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