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Ferg 'sees no obstacle' for Nova Iguaçu and Vasco at Maracanã;  Meeting can determine change  Carioca Championship

Ferg 'sees no obstacle' for Nova Iguaçu and Vasco at Maracanã; Meeting can determine change Carioca Championship

The series revolves around the venue of the match between Nova Iguaçu and Vasco, in the semi-finals of the Carioca Championship, is not over yet. The clubs, the Rio Federation and representatives of the Maracana Federation are meeting in an attempt to reach an agreement on holding the match at the stadium.

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Late Thursday morning, Verge issued a statement saying he “sees no obstacle” to holding the match at the Maracanã. look:

“Semi-finals Nova Iguaçu x Vasco

With the sole purpose of clarifying to the fans our position regarding the location of the semi-final match between Nova Iguaçu and Vasco, the Rio de Janeiro Football Association announces the following:

– Given Nova Iguaçu's review regarding their status as host team, we will take the matter with the hope that Maracanã will also review its position;

– As mentioned previously, FERJ cannot contest the legitimacy of Nova Iguaçu (the host) nor the legitimacy of the Consortium (the stadium);

– FERJ advocates understanding, harmony and benefit for all.

– For FERJ, there will be no problem, obstacle or difficulty in trying to accept the possibility of changing the game to the Maracana and we will make efforts in this regard this morning, together with the parties concerned and we will go to the Maracana for dialogue, accompanied by Nova Iguacu as well as Vasco;

“We believe that there is no insurmountable obstacle to the convergence of common sense and solution.”

The Maracana Stadium could be the stage for the match between Nova Iguaçu and Vasco – Photo: Leandro Amorim/Vasco

Vasco, Nova Iguaçu and the Rio Federation are now awaiting the federation's response so they can make the change official and begin the operational process of the match. The match is currently scheduled to be held at the Estadio Raulino de Oliveira in Volta Redonda.

Initially, the Fla-Flu Federation said that Nova Iguaçu had chosen to play in the Volta Redonda, while the application was still being analysed. However, the Baixada club themselves stated, during the afternoon, that since they had not received a response from the consortium, Verge had advised them to send the match to the Estadio Raulino de Oliveira.

Faraj will decide by Tuesday night where the match will be held. However, it extended the “deadline” by another 12 hours, until 12 noon on Wednesday, for the consortium to respond to Nova Iguaçu’s request – which did not happen. Below, the clash of the Consórcio, Nova Iguaçu and Ferj versions.

Version of Fla-Flu union to ge: “Nova Iguaçu needed a response by noon today (13/03). Since the consortium was still analyzing the application submitted, the club chose to immediately schedule the match at Estadio Cidaña, in the Volta Redonda.”

Nova Iguaçu version: “Last Monday (11), Nova Iguaçu asked the consortium that manages the Maracanã to use the stadium to host the second leg of the Carioca Championship semi-final against Vasco da Gama. However, the club did not receive positive responses regarding the request. Due to the time required to determine the course of the match, The club had to contact FERJ, advising it to point to another stadium, and consequently, Nova Iguaçu pointed to the Estadio Raulino de Oliveira, in the Volta Redonda.

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Faraj version: “Nova Iguaçu had the sole right to select and indicate the Raulino de Oliveira stadium, supported by the right to do so, as manager; FERJ had no interference in the selection, selection and indication of the stadiums, the reasons for which were not specified.” “. It is up to you to discuss it, because it does not violate or violate legal rules.”

Before that, Vasco had previously issued a statement criticizing the decision to withdraw the match from the Maracanã stadium. In a memorandum proposing joint management between all, carried out in a joint manner, the club sent a message to the Flamengo and Fluminense duo.

– These few nobles, do not realize the damage they are doing to the tournament and the spectacle, taking fans away from one of the biggest stages in the sport – Vasco wrote.

However, early on Wednesday evening, the Fla-Flu Federation issued a note stating that the Rio de Janeiro Football Federation (Ferj) had made the match in the Volta Redonda official before submitting a response, but the reason for the delay was not explained. And what the response will be.

The consortium memo then simply stated that the order had “lost its purpose, resulting in the order being damaged.”

In the midst of all this, and with no official answers as to why the match was not held at the Maracanã, Governor Claudio Castro released a video revealing that the stadium was available to host the Cariocao semi-finals.

After much confusion, the governor's demonstration left the ball in Nova Iguaçu's hands once again. Baixada Fluminense submitted the request to the Verge official early Thursday morning, in a statement with FAXO, so that the federation could move the match to the Maracanã.

Since the terms of the permission to use stipulate that the current licensees (Flamengo and Fluminense) must transfer the stadium to other clubs, Nova Iguaçu will have the same success as Vasco when it goes to court to send matches to the Maracanã.

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