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Fells?  Botafogo says he has overcome Flamengo's suggestion of Luis Henrique and is waiting for the open door striker

Fells? Botafogo says he has overcome Flamengo’s suggestion of Luis Henrique and is waiting for the open door striker

Although version flamingo About negotiating with the attacker Luis HenriqueFrom Olympique Marseillewas “a concession”Hey Botafogo Ensures that the narrative wasn’t quite like that. Behind the scenes at Glorioso, it is said that the 21-year-old’s best bid was Alvengra and that the contender Tell the story the way he wants..

a net stove I found that flamingo In fact, he firmly entered into trying to hire Luis Henrique, including making an agreement in the past few days with the athlete’s family. The red-and-black display doubled when Gavia’s leaders became aware of Botafogo’s true interest in bringing the striker home.. However, the numbers were not up to what was offered by Alfinegro, who at all times sought a direct agreement with the Olympique de Marseille. A mandatory purchase proposal was recently put on the table. this last step, reported byThe sAnd thesasRThegAnd theM Dra “ge.globo” in the early hours of Wednesday (7/6)Take the opponent out of play and convince the French sidewhich, according to “TF Channel”, can receive About 8 million euros (44.2 million Rls) after one year of the loan, if the goals are achieved.

It is important to stress that Botafogo has always been confident in negotiations, Especially after Luis Henrique showed his love for the club by appearing in the Alfinegra shirt at Nilton Santos Stadium.On June 16, the day he appeared Fugao beat Sao Paulo 1-0 in the twelfth round of the Brazilian League. In addition to, Reports compiled by Glorioso’s football division realized that a higher investment would be true. thus, John Textor His team had no choice but to cut all the way to the deal.

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Open the doors to Luis Henrique

However, in order to be agreed, Luis Henrique still needs to give Botafogo a definitive answerwhich is worth remembering, You haven’t reached the final viewing figures yet. internally, There is no resistance regarding negotiations between the player’s crew and opponent Flamengo because it is understood that the last card has not yet been dealt.. Moreover, the The council hopes that Botafogo fans will also go in this direction and create a friendly environment for their return.