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Felipe Tito was arrested after trying to prevent the abandonment of the animal - the famous

Felipe Tito was arrested after trying to prevent the abandonment of the animal – the famous

Felipe Tito (Photo: Reproduo / Instagram)

On Monday night (4/12), Felipe Tito He told on Instagram a problem he got involved in last Friday (9/4), when he saw a man abandon a dog on the side of a highway, followed him and ended up stopping by the police station.

The actor said that after seeing Abandonment, he started blowing his horn to block the act, then followed the car to the Military Brigade Center, in the municipality of Canela-RS, where he quarreled with the police and received a sound of the arrest. After the release, the artist confirmed what happened.

“I saw a car on the side of the road that had just left a hybrid dog. I saw the dog running behind the car. I saw that scene, and I clearly chased that car. A brigade policeman came asking me to speak quietly,” the actor said.

“I saw that he was barely fooling himself for the dog. I asked for my cell phone for my partner, I was going to call the lawyer. In it the policeman said that he felt coerced and that I was imprisoned for contempt. I gave him my arm, and asked him to take advantage of the fact that I would not even act. He tied him up. My hand, he broke my arm, then everything was cracked, and he threw me in the car. I committed a crime and then went to testify, “he said in a video clip published in the stories.

Felipe Tito He still says that while he was in the car, the police joked about using the rifle with him. Tito also said he had several details of the clients approaching and that his attorney would take action.

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“Now, I still think of blacks, the poor, the slums, without any instructions. What do these men not pass in the hands of these rotten oranges to the company? It is good for us to open our eyes.”

Early this Tuesday (4/13), he posted a reflection on his Instagram. “To be fair does not mean to be kind. Be right. In the twisted world in which we live, I keep trying to be as fair as possible, just being a prostitute,” he wrote.