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José Roberto Maluf, presidente da TV Cultura

Under a new direction, TV Cultura is back on the good way – Prisma

First, the following: Every time a politician started directing an educational TV, it never worked. As with everyone, there is always a need to put the right people in the right places.

A touch necessary to undo any sinister lesson and to be able to spotlight a professional work, I’ve known him for many years – Bandeirants and Gazeta again there, with a paragraph from the most important in SBT and today responsible for TV Cultura: José Roberto Maloof.

Someone who has a whole story in this area called TV.

Before culture, he revived “Roda Viva” – launching broadcasters like Daniela Lima and Vera Magalhães, recreating sport, creating new programs, boosting the press division, and now announcing the purchase of Indy’s rights.

After a long time not knowing which path to take, TV Cultura is back in the good TV industry.

And a lot of it, without any worries to compete with traditional channels, even because that’s not your goal and never should be.

But it is not so?

After surprising the market with “Libertadores”, winning the Champions League and buying the Copa America now, the world is asking where SBT has gone to get so much money?

There is no reason for this doubt: the good old box. or not?

What a bad question

Well, SBT can, in addition to sports rights, distribute a portion of that money to its programs.

Promote and better service production and journalism. Just a little bit, right?


Mouse, like everyone everyone knows, missed an excellent opportunity to set a good example by grafting without a mask.

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He said he took it out just in time to speak to the staff. Sorry or unusual. Even with a mask, you can talk perfectly to everyone.

My fault

The new “TV Fama” and “Foi Mau” of Mauricio Meirelles had terrible results on Monday on Rede TV! No more than 0.5 audience.

In my school days, to avoid zero, the halving was a “attendance note.”

He said well

The soap should have an escape valve, a sense of humor. It can’t be too heavy, loaded, even more so at this moment. “

The statement by Aguinaldo Silva, author of “Império,” was actually shown at a 9:00 pm special show on Globo.


On Sunday, May 16 and 23, 4 p.m., Record will broadcast the Carioca Championship Finals across Brazil.

And with a rising team: Milena Ciribili, Lucas Pereira, Gothenburg Fonseca and Ricardo Rocha.


Eduardo Taboada, a professional in the field, with many services offered, is the new SBT Operations Manager.

Leandro Previdelli has been promoted, from home, to Broadcast Manager. The position of Director of Technology and Operations has been vacant since Raimundo Lima left at the beginning of the year.

Who remembers?

By searching through the archives of the recordings, people in “Balanço Geral”, in São Paulo, discovered that one of Paulo Gustavo’s first works on television was in “Prova de Amor”, like a carnival celebration.

A novel written by Thiago Santiago, which was shown between 2005 and 2006.

Four hands

Mauricio Manfrini, Paulinho Gogo, closes a business project in partnership with Leandro Hassum.

For now, however, the two continue to pretend they are dead. They don’t want to open any other details, even if it’s for TV or outside.

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the press

CNN Brasil announced its new CEO, Renata Afonso, but nothing was said about organizing the press. If there is a desire to leave it as it is and continue on the same structure.

Or if the decision to switch positions is to be made now, after replacing Douglas Tavularo.


Globo and SportTV, two open and closed TVs, will broadcast the European Football Championship, the main football tournament between teams from European Union countries.

The dispute lasts from June 11 to July 11.

Oscar 2021

Globo will be showing the “Oscars” on the 25th with Maria Beltraw, Dera Pais and Artur Zixio, right after “BBB”.

And at Globoplay, the whole party, it’s off the red carpet. TNT also since the start of the night.

The night is ours

Among the attractions of “A Noite é Nossa”, this Wednesday, 10:45 pm, in the Record, is an interview with Malga di Paula, the widow of Chico Anysio, conducted by reporter Vanessa Pires.

With a presentation by Luiz Bacchi, during the restoration of Geraldo Luis, the program will also include the participation of Latino, Tisien Pinheiro and Carina Bacchi.

Hit – deduction

• Mystery Silvio Louise yesterday took the second dose of the vaccine.

• Since everything was in the episode, TV Cultura has yet to decide whether to have a US correspondent to cover Indy, which begins Sunday …

… Perhaps not, given the restrictions imposed by the US government.

In addition to the presentation, Roberto Kovalik is now the editor of “Hora 1” in the early hours of Globo.

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• It’s very good that Galvão Bueno is back on broadcast and with “Bem, Amigos!” A touch of hope …

•… We should also note Cleber Machado’s good performance, for over a year, at the helm of SporTV.

André Borelli directed and wrote the script for the feature film “O Tio”, which premiered in Now …

•… The film was nominated for the monthly Brazil International Film Festival (BIMIFF), and Gabriela Hamati won the Best Actress award.