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Feijoada from the United Kingdom dances on Saturday in the school playground

Feijoada from the United Kingdom dances on Saturday in the school playground

Next Saturday, January 20, the Reino Unido da Liberdade samba school court will host an unmissable event for fans of samba and good gastronomy: Feijoada Vip da Harmonia Técnica.

Already traditional in the city's cultural calendar, the event promises to excite revelers with a mixture of flavours, tunes and plenty of entertainment.

In addition to the delicious dish, the concert will feature several attractions to entertain the crowd throughout the day, such as the national attraction Juninho Thibao, as well as the Tasmanian Demon Brass Band, Junior Rodriguez, Z Mario, Todo Mundo and Grupo Resistencia Do. Samba, Nigo Leo and a great show from Patria Furiosa, with its infectious rhythm, ensuring that attendees experience the true energy of the carnival.

The event will also include performances by Corte da Escola, Musas and Ala Show and the highlight will be the presence of Camellia, the Mother of the Amazon Carnival.

Reino Unido da Liberdade, known for its tradition and excellence in Carnival parades, promises to bring all this magic to the feijoada, turning it into a true celebration of Brazilian culture.

the tickets

Feijoada Vip tickets are available in advance at the school grounds, from 6pm to 9pm, and by calling 92 99617-6862. Organizers highlight the importance of securing tickets in advance, as the event tends to attract a large crowd.

Tickets for the Dance Floor (only abadá) are R$40, VIP Superior (abadá, feijoada and personalized glass) are R$80 and VIP Theater (seat at the table, abadá, feijoada and personalized glass) are R$120.

A closed table for four people (table, 4 padas, 4 feijoada and 4 personal glasses) costs R$ 400. The boxes are already sold out.

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“Our expectations are very high and we are delighted to be able to present a party of this scale, welcoming people for a day of celebration, good music and of course high quality feijoada.

“The community is excited and anxious and we hope we will be able to provide a day of infectious joy,” explained Artistic Harmony Director and event organizer, Jake Dantas.