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More You: Reporter suggests “jumping” to BBB23’s Allen Werley and gets a live call;  Watch

More You: Reporter suggests “jumping” to BBB23’s Allen Werley and gets a live call; Watch

the “BBB23“It only starts tonight, but the truth already gives something to talk about on the web … On Monday morning (16), the reporter Ivo de Madulio suggested that Allen Werley “He would jump the fence” inside confinement and end up getting a “little call” on live TV.More than you“.

The moment occurredBBB rotationIn the morning, while Ivo, Talitha Moretti and Fabricio Battaglini discuss the new dynamics of the brothers’ entry into the most guarded house in Brazil. The audience is eager to check out the composition of the couples in the edition, the report revealed, then the presenters asked the reporter to reveal the “status” of their respective relationships.

At this point, Ivo talks about a possible betrayal by Allen while incarcerated. “Let’s go in alphabetical order! First we’ll bring in Aline who’s married but has an open relationship. So she’s allowed to ‘jump over the fence’ and take whoever she wants.” He said.

The speech caught the attention of Talitha, who interrupted her colleague to correct him. “No, it’s not a fence-jump, approved. It’s that thing, right, Evo, to make it clear and for those in the house to understand. It’s an open relationship: the couple matches. I’m married to you, then we get along. You can, as long as you tell us beforehand.” It’s not like going out there.So, like that, they are [Aline e o parceiro, o ator Igor Rickli] agreed. The composition is not very expensive. Morett explained.

“You are so good at explaining. Thanks for the help and that’s it.”He thanked the journalist who then left for the other participants. Watch:

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Werley and Rickly have been married since 2015 and are the parents of seven-year-old Antonio. At the end of 2022, the artists revealed to fans that they are intersex and live in an open relationship.

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