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Roberto Guimarães' uniform breathes air when he calls for a volleyball team sponsor: 'We need help' |  volleyball

Roberto Guimarães’ uniform breathes air when he calls for a volleyball team sponsor: ‘We need help’ | volleyball

After winning three sets to zero against Cisse Bauro, away from home Ze Roberto, Only the three-time Brazilian Olympic champion, did not hide his emotions when talking about the difficulties he faced in maintaining the volleyball team, which does not currently have a sponsor. (see video above).

I became emotional, during the match I was touched by the way the team played. But we made a lot of mistakes when we saw these girls playing this happy and cheerful volleyball, but with their feet on the ground, realizing the difficulties we are going through so that everything will get better. There is no lost ball, and the feeling of energy and the way they communicate moves me a lot. To win this match, we had to have the same focus and preparation that we had at Barueri, but I think these girls learn very quickly – said the coach.

Zé Roberto Guimarães created the volleyball project in Barueri in 2016 – Photo: Gaspar Nóbrega / Inovafoto

Ze Roberto, the current coach of the Brazilian women’s volleyball team, is living a different reality at Barueri. Without a sponsor, the club faces the most diverse problems on a daily basis. As much as he avoids talking about the topic, the coach often uses his own resources to maintain the volleyball project he developed five years ago.

I’m worried because the project has already lost five players in 2020 and five other players this season and we don’t want to lose anymore, but to continue with this project. It is a source of great pride because my family, my wife and my daughters are so dedicated. Many people have helped and supported us. We need help and support for this beautiful project so that it does not die

Jose Roberto Guimarães.

Fans request sponsorship of volleyball team led by Jose Roberto Guimarães – Photo: clone/Twitter

Barueri is seeded for the final and is looking for his second title in Sao Paulo. Champion in 2019, the team will face multi-champion Osasco, the greatest state champion in São Paulo with 15 achievements. The title is menis by Jose Roberto Guimarães, who believes in the Barueri’s volleyball project as a channel of transformation in the lives of many women.

If we work well we can play equally against any team. The goal is for them to play and become empowered women, but we can give them the chance to become women of the world. The world is theirs, and they are learning and developing because this is their life opportunity. That’s why I feel proud – concludes coach.