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Famous truck driver pulling a curved truck with 17 fines and 87 points

Famous truck driver pulling a curved truck with 17 fines and 87 points

Many organizers even try to pass off the impression of legitimacy by saying that the raffles being promoted are a reward for the charity and drawings carried out by the federal lottery. In fact, this type of lottery exists and is nothing more than capitalization bonds issued by financial institutions under a license from Susep (the Supervisory Authority for Private Insurance), the redemption of which is intended for charitable entities.

However, the practice is not to sell individual shares, but to acquire ownership, giving the right to one or more “lucky numbers” to compete for prizes. In addition to award-winning philanthropy, drawings can also be performed with a certificate of authorization from Secap (Secretariat for Evaluation, Planning, Energy and Lottery), an agency of the Ministry of Economy. In this case, the circulation of numbers is also prohibited.

According to Secap, the company is allowed to raffle off vehicles and other merchandise “through the sale of its products” — that is, a certain amount spent entitles one or more numbers to compete for prizes. This is what usually happens in shopping mall promotions, for example. It is up to the aforementioned authorities to inspect companies and investigate possible suspicions or reports of irregularities.

The bow truck is also illegal

Curved truck loaded with fines Image: reproduction

Federal road policeman Souza Dantas, head of the Traffic Police Department in Brasília, explains that in order to comply with the law, the height of the back of a truck cannot exceed 2 degrees, which equates to a height of 3.5 cm – there are truck arches that reach a height of two meters at the back. Even with the correct height, the change must be included in the Vehicle Registration and Authorization Certificate (CRLV).

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