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Events with Michael in the US will be a “meet and greet” for US$110

Events with Michael in the US will be a “meet and greet” for US$110

Former First Lady and Senator Damares Alves will deliver 4 lectures in the country; The gathering is part of the global conservative women's movement

Former First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro and Senator Damares Alves (Republics-DF) will participate in a series of lectures on women's leadership in the United States in February.

Events will take place in Florida (Orlando and Pompano Beach), Georgia (Atlanta) and Massachusetts (Boston), all at evangelical churches. Ticket prices go up to US$110 (about R$540). Maximum Value Guarantee a “Meet and Greet”That means time to meet and brief the speakers.

to Shakti360This is not a discriminatory event, Damares said, but a call by the Brazilian Christian community and conservative women living in the United States.

According to the congresswoman, the trip is part of a global movement of conservative women that will be launched in other countries as well. He mentioned that he has invitations to travel to Portugal, Switzerland, Argentina and Italy.

A meeting of heroines

oh A meeting of heroines It is organized by businessmen Fernanda Polesa and Fabi Sambayo, who are also participating.

The event will be divided into 4 sessions with different themes. Each speaker will speak on the following panels:

  • Michelle Bolsonaro – “True Leadership”. The First Lady is described as a “Reference in Indefatigable Leadership and Credibility”;
  • Tamarez Alves – “The Protagonist Beyond Limits”. Senator is given as a “A staunch defender of human rights”;
  • Fabiana Sampaio – “Making Your Way”; This is
  • Fernanda Polesa – “Awaken the Hero Within”.

There will be 3 types of tickets in the meeting.

  • Cheaper – costs US$45 with an additional US$8 fee and tax. Added together, the values ​​equal about R$260.
  • Intermediary – US$65, plus US$10.84 in fees and taxes. Added together, the values ​​are equivalent to about R$372. Tickets guarantee premium seating before general gates open.
  • Very expensive – costs US$95 with an additional US$15 fee and tax. Added together, the prices equate to around R$110. In addition to premium seating, tickets also offer access to speakers and a copy of Damares' book, “It All Begins in Childhood.”
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Lectures will be held on:

  • Pompano Beach (Florida) – at 1st Baptist Church (PIB), on February 12;
  • (Orlando, Florida) – On February 13, at the Council of God Ministries of Sowers of the Gospel;
  • Atlanta (Georgia) – On February 15 at the Semadores de Boas Novas Ministry;
  • Boston (Massachusetts) – Feb. 16 at TDM Church.