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Espírito Santo Restaurant Week begins on the 13th with dishes starting at R$54.90

Espírito Santo Restaurant Week begins on the 13th with dishes starting at R$54.90

The most modern restaurants in the greater Vitória area will offer sophisticated menus and the best of Espiritu Santo cuisine at affordable prices at this year’s Espiritu Santo Restaurant Week, with menus starting at R$54.90, which includes an appetizer, main course, and dessert.

The event, which is reaching its 20th edition, has confirmed 32 restaurants, and this list may increase in the coming days. Although the name of the festival indicates a week, it will last for a whole month, starting on the 13th of April and ending on the 13th of May.

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Restaurant Week originates in New York, in the United States, and takes place across the country, with each state having its version of the festival. Therefore, it is considered the largest tasting event in Brazil.

According to the organizer of Espírito Santo Restaurant Week, Érica Semião, the purpose of the event is to guarantee the public a complete menu at reasonable prices, so that everyone can get a better understanding of what the main establishments in the area have to offer.

Érica also claims that the event should guarantee lists of all kinds for clients.

“Diversity in gastronomy is a distinctive feature of the festival. The public can expect choices from oriental cuisine, Italian cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine and, of course, seafood, since we are on the waterfront. It will be held in several cities, with restaurants in Serra, Praia da Costa, in Vila Velha; in Praia do Canto and Enseada do Sawa, in Vitoria.”

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One of the main supporters of this event, W.J Tribune Network In the auditorium, I received the inaugural meeting of Espiritu Santo Restaurant Week 2023, which was attended by businessmen and supporters of the festival.

Company Commercial Director Tribune Network, Lenise Loureiro, reinforces her support for the event and highlights the importance of Restaurant Week to gastronomy and the local economy. “We support the event and saw at that moment an opportunity to advertise our restaurants and gastronomy spaces, which are very important for revenue generation in Espiritu Santo.”

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Confirmed restaurants:

Dago Bistro, in Mata da Praia.

Tanti Affetti, in Praia do Canto.

The Gulf of the Mediterranean Sea, in Enseada do Suá, in Vitoria.

El Gitano, in Suá Cove.

Don Aguilar, in Praia da Costa.

Elios Beach House, in Cambori.

Preferito Restaurant, in Praia da Costa, in Vila Velha.

Sargo Restaurante, in Jacaraipe, in Serra.

Rice do Canto, in Praia do Canto.

Nero, in Itapua, Vila Velha.

Eliah’s Restaurant, in Praia do Canto, in Vitória.

Peppe Restaurante, in Praia do Canto, in Vitoria.

Piu Especiarias, Praia do Canto.

Odyssey, on Ilha do Boi, in Vitoria.

Villa rusticana, in Praia da Costa.

Tiro, in Praia do Canto, in Vitoria.

Unagi, in Praia do Canto.

Venitutti Italianissimo, in Praia da Costa, in Vila Velha.

Zaatar Lebanese Kitchen, in Vitoria and Vila Velha centers.

Senac Hotel in Ilha do Puy.

Benedetto Bistro, in Praia do Canto.

By Rock, in Praia do Canto.

Terra à Vista in Moxuara, in Cariacica, and Mestre Álvaro, in Serra.

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Domus Italica restaurant, in Praia da Costa, in Vila Velha.

Argento Barilla, in Shopping Vila Velha.

Mae, in Praia da Costa, Mata da Praia and Praia do Canto.

Oca, in the center of Vitória.

Barlavento, in Camburi.

Source: event organization.

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