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'BBB 24': Davy is threatened by Lady and vows revenge: “Get ready”

'BBB 24': Davy is threatened by Lady and vows revenge: “Get ready”

Photo: X/Big Brother Brasil / Pipoca Moderna

Davi Brito discovered this Saturday, 24, that he might face Paredao for the fourth time in it BP24. He realizes that he is threatened by Lady Elaine in the hot seat confrontation and has already promised revenge. “Let her get ready,” he said.

Leidy has this week's Wildcard Power and will have the ability to nominate a participant in Paredão. Although the power has not yet been revealed, participants correctly revealed that it will send someone into the hot seat. The sister has already indicated a possible nomination for Davy.

Reactions and strategies

In a conversation with Isabel Nogueira, Duffy admitted that he did not like the idea of ​​being nominated by his sister. “I went to help her [com as estalecas]I didn't think she would recommend Paredão to me. At this stage of the tournament, will you vote by proximity? “I was supposed to be watching her,” Al-Bahian said. “I was next to her, joking and she laughed.”

Daffy also warned Isabelle about Lady's moves in the game. “As much as you trust her, I don't trust her. Her vote could be for anyone, the house is full of people. Will you vote for me soon? I was the one who had the situation to help her. This is just another learning to open my eyes,” said the Bahian.

Explanations and forecasts

In a later conversation, Lady Eileen explains to Davy that he is not her first voting choice. “Daffy, you're not my first choice for voting. I'll make the top ten, whoever comes out, I'll vote. I have a sequence, you're not my first choice. My criterion is proximity, and you girls are the closest. I didn't even say if I'd vote for you,” the sister confirmed.

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However, later, in a conversation with Yasmin Brunet, she confirmed that she intended to vote for Davy.

Dynamics of the week

In this week's Paredão lineup, there will be four candidates. One for Leader Beatrice, one for Isabelle, the Leader's partner in the endurance test, and one for Leidy, who wins the Wildcard Power award, and the House vote. There will be a Bate e Volta race with a chance for one participant to escape from the hot seat. The liquidation of the three parties will take place on Tuesday (2/27).