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“had unexcused absences”; Confined to BBB 23, Cezar Black has been the target of a lawsuit from DF Hospital for job abandonment


Lokal claimed that the brother’s absence was not justified

© Photos 1 and 2 – Reproduction / TV GloboBBB: Cesar Black has been sued by the hospital for job abandonment

confined in Big Brother Brazilco Cesar Black The object of a lawsuit University Hospital Brasilia (HUB-UnB). The brother, who is a nurse, has been cited for giving up his job, as he did not show up due to his participation in the reality show.

In a note on the site splashThe site confirmed the action and reported that after Cesar Black removed the holidays and work hours he had accumulated, the brother would not have excused subsequent absences: “In February, he pulled provisions and used the hourly bank, but had unexcused absences that generated a payroll deduction.”

Play / TV Globo

The hospital also revealed that the operation is already underway and is following protocol:In March, he began accumulating only unexcused absences, and as a result, a process was opened to investigate job abandonment, which is ongoing and follows standard procedural rituals, which will include a contradictory and full defence.”

So far, the participant’s team has not commented on the matter and it has not been revealed if the tied person will come to know about the process. This Thursday (06/04), the reality will also include a leader test that will determine the next steps for the program.

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