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Erasmus, Rico or Solange? Partial says who is leaving today

Erasmo, Rico and Solange had bad times this week and ended up in the hot seventh place this season. Someone is leaving the show Thursday night (4), but who? We consulted the partial vote for A Fazenda 2021 in a DCI poll to see which side the audience is on in this battle.

How is The Farm 2021 being voted on now?

At the moment, Erasmo is the participant in this farm with the least favoritism among fans of the rural reality show. In the Who Should Leave poll, ex-Pugliesi added 47.91% of the more than 34,000 votes cast so far.

Second place in the partial voting for A Fazenda goes back to Solange, who has so far received 35.33%. The difference between the first and second positions is 12.58%.

In the lamp, and most likely will remain in the game, Rico. The ex-On Vacation with his ex-wife has so far 16.70% of the votes to leave.

vote: Who should leave today

Voting lasts 24 hours – Photo: DCI / clone

How do you vote?

Anyone can vote to help or harm someone in confinement and it is not necessary to create any type of login on the reality show’s official website in order to participate in voting for A Fazenda. The first step is to go to the R7 website, https://www.r7.com/, and then click on the Rural Reality Show tab.

The survey will appear at the beginning of this new page, click on it and note the names and photos of the participants in the field. It is important to remember that voting for A Fazenda on Record asks you to save someone, that is, the votes will remain! So be careful not to get confused.

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After you have clicked who you want to vote for, check the box “I am a human” and then confirm the decision using the “Vote” button. Wait for the system message, which will tell you that your vote has been counted, and that’s it! You can repeat this process as many times as you like, there is no limit.

r7 . poll
The new excluder will say goodbye to the program today – Photo: R7 / Reprodução

Who won the farmer’s bait?

Marina He was in the hot seat to stay in the ‘Resta Um’ dynamics, but the digital influencer got lucky and managed to escape the field by winning the farmer’s feud, Wednesday night (3). He defeated the pawn Solange and Rico in a race mixing agility with skill and also on luck. Erasmo didn’t fight for the hat, as Marina opposed him during vote night on the Fazenda that formed this farm, on Tuesday (2).

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