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funkeira reveals gringos fetish in time H -

funkeira reveals gringos fetish in time H –

This Thursday, November 4, Notebook exercise From the Prime Minister’s Diary Shows Anita Very bold verses. It is a hot conversation with friends Meghan Trainor and Bella Thorne singer “Girl from Rio” They were surprised by what was revealed.

The singer decided to reveal her relations with foreign partners. He stated that gringos listen to what she has to say in time: “I like to speak Portuguese, because men go crazy. I say ‘Delicious!'” Go p***! Launch funkeira for relaxation and laughter of friends who enjoyed chatting for adults.

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Anitta comments on another farm gossip

The singer also talked about the latest controversies over farm program Where is your ex-boyfriend? Joey Araujo He made very compromising statements about his recent relationships, especially with Jade Bacon.

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according to Anita, Which Joey Araujo An act with Jade is to make anyone angry. Specifically, Bell exposed Jade by claiming that he stayed with her, while Jade is still in a relationship with her Joao Gilherme. Finally, the funk muse concludes:

He said, “I’ve seen a few things happening on the internet…some of them include my name, but mostly it’s about women…and nice and sympathetic women.” Anita.

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