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Anita performs "Faking Love" in an American TV show;  Watch the video - It's Hit

Anita performs “Faking Love” in an American TV show; Watch the video – It’s Hit

the singer Anita Advances with the internationalization of the profession. Together with rapper Saweetie, she performed her first solo performance “Fake Love” On one of the most popular talk shows in the United States, Late Show with James CordenThis Thursday (4). information from POPline.

With a sober and elegant look, in black, the artists showered charisma and energy on the show’s stage.

Watch the performance video:

During an interview with presenter James Corden, Anita said that singer Mariah Carey is among her main inspirations.

The Rio Girl remembered the day I found her in a store in Aspen, over Christmas. Rapper Saweetie has already commented on her friendship with Cher.

On her Twitter, Maria made sure to bring back the affection of the three. Sending love to them (and to Cher too!)

Anita criticizes the timid fallout in Brazil

“Faking Love” was officially released on October 14 Top 50 One of the most played songs on American pop radio. It is more accurate in the 47th position, as the site indicates Hits Daily Double.

Although his songs are gaining more and more space abroad, he criticized Anita shy repercussions In Brazil from her latest performance.

“There are things I can’t comprehend, right? Yesterday I was the first Brazilian to sing and give an interview on one of the biggest shows in the States. Today there are half a dozen shedding cats posting about them in my country (who are my friends, in that it wouldn’t interest me too much if it wasn’t for It is, but: if yesterday, instead of being the first Brazilian on this show, I had participated in some small gossip, I had some situation that did not please someone, this would have become the headline in the comment and everyone posted Isn’t that curious?” the singer asked, on Thursday afternoon, on Twitter.

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This isn’t the first time Anita has appeared as the most played songwriter on American pop radio. With “Girl From Rio”, she reached the Top 25, and also appeared on the traditional show “American Top 40”, directed by Ryan Seacrest.

“There are more chances for these tweets to go viral than my presentation itself. Guys, if that’s not hard to fathom, I’m crazy. I keep looking at my Latino friends when they do something like this, countries fall in for sharing by posting, supporting, and celebrating.” My eternal gratitude to those who support my hard-earned work. I love you,”

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