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Epidemic hinders dream of studying in US - General

Epidemic hinders dream of studying in US – General

Gabriel Coutinho, one of the 1,134 Brazilian students, signed a letter to Itamarati asking for help:% u201CA expects them to negotiate with the US government% u201D

(Photo: Juarez Rodriguez / EM / DA Press)

Side effect of the development of the new corona virus in Brazil. More than 1,000 Brazilian students who have received scholarships from various American universities – undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees – are eagerly awaiting graduation Saw Student to enter the United States. According to the panel, the embassies and the country’s embassy in Brazil have suspended the service. The U.S. office in Belo Horizonte confirmed State of Minas “Regular calls for issuance of non-immigrant visas” have been suspended due to the epidemic COVID-19 Ways are trying to prioritize students in resuming service, however, there is no date. Without permission, depending on the face-to-face interviews, some people will simply miss the opportunity. Considering the situation, 1,134 students from across the country came together and asked for action to be taken to send a letter to Ithamarathi. Oh இத்தமரதி He says he will do “everything possible” so the problem will be solved.

Ana Clara Gonalves Sambayo, 19, of Minas Gerais, one of the students facing uncertain drama, fears she can fulfill her dream of studying in the United States. Last year, the young woman graduated from the University of Kentucky in the United States with a degree in International Studies and Political Science – International Studies and Political Science. A success that requires a lot of research: “Since the 9th year of my elementary school, I have dreamed of expanding my knowledge outside of Brazil,” he said.

After winning Obstacles. “I did my first semester online. The visa was scheduled for December. It was canceled. My second semester was also online. It was scheduled for May, and it was canceled on Tuesday.” According to Ana, an email came in saying it would be canceled. Justified and again, tried to reconsider the interview to get a visa.You should be in the US next semester. Otherwise, you will lose a job on cmpus and still need to take a break The beginning of science.

Ana Clara won a grant of about $ 30,000 a year and is at risk of losing it. “I did not mention this job on the particular campus, which guarantees food and shelter and is very complicated to achieve. I went through the whole selection process, I did it, it gives me a big help to pay for it, and now I run the risk of losing everything,” said the young woman. Lamented.

She is so scared that she will not be able to go to the US in August as she is scheduled for interviews at US offices in Chile and Ecuador. But the alternative brings other headaches: flights continue to be canceled, high financial investment and the fear that these countries will close their borders to travelers as a result of COVID-19. “Chile is currently closed, but my schedule for August,” he said. Ana’s family hired a company to try to “expel” the visa. “I cried many times … it was an endless agony. We are looking for answers, mobilizing, sending emails, nothing yet, ”the young woman lamented. He also planned an interview in Ecuador in June: “The only date I found.”

Ingrid Posa, 26, of Rio de Janeiro, had no evidence that he was trying to get his visa back to the United States in another country. “I can’t afford it, I have a low income and for me, going to another country to get a visa is practically impossible,” said the young woman, who holds a doctorate in molecular biology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. . “The course lasts for five years and I will receive a scholarship throughout this period. In the early years, my $ 64,000 scholarship. However, this will not cover the college bureaucracy fees, ”he said.

The student won the scholarship last year. “The letter I accepted was sent in April to start in August 2020 (the course). I had to ask for a year to present myself. On August 23, my classes start, but I have to stay in college until August 16, when my contract starts,” he said. According to, the rules University They will not allow you to delay entering the course for another period.

In her case, online classes were not an option. Biomedicine, Ingrid works in research in the field of health, which requires laboratory work. “I have to be in the lab to do my research. It is necessary to join the college physically, ”he added.

'' I went through the whole selection process
” I went through the whole selection process, I got (…) now I’m going to lose everything ” – Ana Clara Conlovs Champao, 19, University of Kentucky Fellow

(Photo: Personal Archive)

Biomedicine has been trying to schedule a visa interview since April last year, but it has not found available dates. “The only way I have now is an emergency visa, but only a few can access this service,” he explained, reporting a mixture of anxiety and frustration in this situation: “There are many cases of urgent requests from colleagues in the health sector who have been denied. You have been trying for years to get a chance,” You can’t do that because of bureaucratic issues, ”he lamented.

A letter

Minor Gabriel Rafaello Magalhes Gauto, 18, was admitted to the University of Tampa, Florida for international studies. “I won the highest scholarship, I have not been able to access it yet because of the visa issue. All embassies in Brazil have been closed and interviews have not been published,” he said. According to Gabriel, May 1 is the date commonly recorded in the city you wish to study. . ”When February came, I had no vacancies in Brazil (for the interview) because even last year’s processes were not finalized. So, new students had to wait in line last year to apply for a visa. Also, to make matters worse, the tables were canceled, ”he explained.

Like the other 1,133 students who signed the letter to Itamarati on Wednesday, Gabriel relied on Brazilian diplomacy to make his dream of studying in the United States a reality. “The expectation is that they will negotiate with the US government,” he said. The group expects the process to be less bureaucratic or that Brazilian authorities will recommend a solution in favor of those who need this type of visa. “Nowadays, with the technology we have, can’t we do an interview online? Or, have you already been unable to do an interview in the United States? Another option could be to transform a student visa into a tourist visa, ”Gabriel suggested.


EM Consulting, in a note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that it was aware of the matter and was “doing everything possible to reach a satisfactory solution” and would meet the demands of the affected students by taking steps to prevent them from entering. The United States “does not specify whether any specific plans have been brought to the attention of U.S. officials.

No time limit control

The U.S. embassy and consulate in Brazil have suspended “regular calls” for the issuance of non-immigrant visas due to the COVID-19 epidemic, “prioritizing the safety of staff and applicants,” the U.S. office in Belo Horizonte said. Minas State regarding the situation of students. “At this time, the Presidential Declaration restricting the entry of travelers attending Brazil for the past 14 days is in effect,” the office said.

According to the office, the aim is to resume visa interviews soon, but there is no date yet for that to happen. In a speech to EM, the office assured that “the US embassy and consulates in Brazil are taking this matter very seriously” and intend to give the group “priority attention” when resuming visa interviews. This note guides interested parties to follow social networks and monitor the U.S. Representation’s website for updates. He points out: “Educational exchange between Brazil and the United States is one of our top priorities, and we are pleased to see so many Brazilians choosing the United States as a place of study.”

The process takes time

Getting a student visa to the United States is a time-consuming process regardless of infection. To be allowed to stay in the United States, you must first be accepted into an educational institution. Throughout the visa application process, the student must prove that they have arranged everything to study there. The visa applicant must complete and submit a series of forms. Also the educational institution where he wants to study is responsible for enrolling him in the organization. I still have to pay and pass the scheduled interview at the embassies.

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