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Biden will travel to the G7 Dome in the UK

Biden will travel to the G7 Dome in the UK


The Supreme Court ruling is unlikely to reverse Lava Jato’s actions against Lula

SAO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – In a speech to the plenary session of the Supreme Court on Thursday (23), Minister Luis Roberto Barroso said that in providing concrete protection to the legacy of Operation Lava Jato, evidence alone is important in criminal proceedings. “Either you have the evidence, or you don’t have it,” he declared. If this policy is true for former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, he is on the verge of getting rid of most of his problems in court. Once the decision by former judge Sergio Moro to declare discrimination in the action that led to the PD’s first indictment is confirmed, the evidence used against him will turn to dust. In early March, when Minister Edson Fachin quashed four open cases against Lula in Paran and ordered the case to be sent to a federal court in Brasilia, it was established that the new judge would be responsible for reviewing the Lava Jato allegations and evidence. Given. When Part Moro was informed of the triple case, the second panel of the court went further, not only the criminal proceedings, but all the actions followed by the former judge during the trial on Lula, in which documents and evidence were used. To imprison the PT leader. The consequences of this decision for other actions initiated by Lava Jato against the former president, it is a matter of time. On Thursday, the verdict on Morrow’s suspicion was interrupted when a full majority had already been formed in support of the second panel’s decision. After the debate on the issue is over, the former president’s defense should extend its effects to other measures that have been transferred to Brasilia, which are handling reforms at the Atibia site, buying one of Lula’s donations from Odebrecht. Building for the company. Although the evidence obtained by the old task force that conducted the investigation in Paran can be reconstructed in new processes, it is necessary to find a judge who considered it sufficient to convict Lula of corruption and money laundering, as Morrow did. Triple case. In addition, the deadlines for prescribing alleged crimes to those over 70 years of age are low, which would expire the Federal Ministry of Public Works if it is interested in resuming the work of the task force to resume operations. . Lula is 75 years old. Investigations by Moro and attorneys in Crotiba focused on the first half of 2016, according to Federal Police P.D. During a search of the leader’s apartment, his phone conversations were recorded for 27 days and forced into interrogation. The documents found in the searches were accepted by Morrow as proof that Lula was the real owner of the triplex, which was renewed by an OAS contractor in KwaZulu-Natal. B.T. to P.T. The discrepancies between the statements he made and the evidence he then gave to the judge were pointed out to convict him. The conversations of Lula and his family members, who were knocked out by the move, provided evidence that he also owned the Adibia site, which he began to attend after he left the presidency. Odebrecht and OAS said they renovated the property to please him. Emilio Odebrecht and former OAS leader Leo Pinheiro, who collaborated with the judge in exchange for lighter sentences for the crimes they pleaded guilty to, helped convict Lula by announcing that reforms were being sought by the former president, which the PT denied. After the apartment renovation was terminated as part of a settlement with PT to guarantee OAS contracts with Petroprose, Morrow denounced corruption in the Triplex case, but Leo Pinhiro’s testimony as the only evidence of this process has now been rescinded. The removal of Curitiba’s actions further undermines the thesis that Lula was the leader of a widespread corruption scheme in government. Brasilia’s federal court has already ruled in 2019 that he and other PD members were accused of being part of a criminal organization. There are four more cases against the former president in Brasilia and Sவோo Paulo, but all are progressing slowly and still far from an end. Lula’s son, they handle Odebrecht’s business in Angola and a campaigner’s transactions with another company in Equatorial Guinea. The outcome of the proceedings in Guerrero allows Lula to declare herself innocent. But the obstacles in the way of the accused against him indicate that the day will never come when the PT can say that he was acquitted after the exclusion test of the evidence presented against him.

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