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Research says the epidemic has not affected the decline in crime in Rio

The UK Opposition has called for an inquiry into the Boris Johnson apartment reform

LONDON (Reuters) – Opposition Labor in the United Kingdom on Saturday called for an inquiry into how Prime Minister Boris Johnson funded the renovation of his Downing Street residence following allegations by a former senior aide.

Dominic Cummings, who left Johnson’s team late last year after being his most influential adviser on Brexit and the 2019 election campaign, said in a blog post on Friday that he thought his plan to use Johnson’s money and donors for reform was “unethical.” Stupid, illegal ”.

Cummings said he was not responsible for leaks about Johnson’s personal communications about the cost of the renovation and providing fans to treat Covid-19.

He added that the Prime Minister and his cabinet were below acceptable merit and integrity.

Johnson’s office said the government had followed the rules for the reform. His office said on Friday that the prime minister had not intervened in the government’s investigation into the leak.

Labor called for a full investigation. “It’s important because it’s about integrity and taxpayer money,” Labor leader Khair Stormer told the BBC.

“The former prime minister’s aide says he is below the standard of integrity required for the prime minister’s office. There is more and more evidence of this dirt every day, apparently, it stinks,” he said.

Previously, Labor also defended the establishment of an independent commission on ethics and standards in government.

Johnson’s office had no further comment on Saturday.

(Reported by James Davy)

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