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Emulators for older Xbox consoles are tested by Digital Foundry

Emulators for older Xbox consoles are tested by Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry explored the functionality of emulators in developer mode on the Xbox Series S and decided to share the findings with the public.

Digital Foundry took a closer look at the functionality of emulators on the Xbox Series S in developer mode in a new video that you can check out in a bit.

Until a few weeks ago, fans of the classics were happy to be able to play games from older generations of consoles on Xbox Series X | S with relative ease via the emulator. Why DolphinAnd XBSX2 or Duck station And other emulators are in retail mode, although this is strictly speaking breaking the rules. This year, Microsoft’s silent tolerance ended, and all emulators were locked into retail mode. Since then, the console must first be placed in Developer mode to use.

Digital Foundry took a close look at the process, from setting up developer mode to launching a selection of games on different emulators. Setup was time-consuming and not very intuitive, and a one-time $20 payment was also required. Emulators, on the other hand, are mainly shown Satisfying gaming experience.

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