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Emergency Aid: Confirm the downpayment of the second batch

Emergency Aid: Confirm the downpayment of the second batch

Caixa Econômica Federal released a statement announcing that it expects second installment payments from first aid. The allowance will be released to workers who do not receive Family allowanceFor scholarship recipients, the previous calendar does not change.

The beginning of the Payments It will be on the 16th of May according to the order already established regarding the months of birth of the beneficiaries. Thus, the payment will start for the recipients born in January, however, it will be paid up front for those born in the other months.

Therefore, the payments will close on May 30th. This is the date when those born in December will receive the second installment. Previously, payments were due to close on June 16.

As well as that Box It also announced that it would wait for the release and withdrawal date for The second batch of emergency aid For non-recipients of Family allowance. Thus, the release which was previously scheduled to take place between June 8 and July 8, will now take place between May 31 and June 17.

Emergency aid has already been launched for babies born in November

a Federal Savings Bank The withdrawal of the first batch of first aid 2021 for workers born in November this Friday (14). Funds can also be transferred to a file Current account At no cost to the citizen Or it moved through the Caixa Tem app and in the nation’s lottery networks.

a first aid Created April 2020 by Federal governmentIn order to help vulnerable families affected by the epidemic. Initially, five installments of R $ 600 or R $ 1,200 were offered to single mothers who head the household. The appeal was then extended until December 31, by four more installments of R $ 300 or R $ 600.

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The new round of benefits offers installments ranging from R $ 150 to R $ 375, depending on the profile of the persons included. So, Families Consisting of only one person, you will receive R $ 150, single mothers who support a family will receive R $ 375 and other families will receive R $ 250.

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a first aid It will be paid to families with a monthly income equal to or less than three minimum wages, provided that the income for the individual is internally at half the minimum wage. In addition, the recipient must be up-to-date with the Individual Taxpayer (CPF) record in order to be entitled to a new round of benefits.

CadÚnico registered informal workers who did not get a first aid In 2020, they will not be eligible to receive benefits in 2021, as there is no new registration phase. For the beneficiaries of Family allowance, The most beneficial value rule still applies, whether it’s for premiums paid into the social program or emergency aid.

Only one member of each family will be able to receive assistance in this new 2021 round, unlike the previous year’s tour, where up to two people from the same family can receive it. In the event that there are irregularities or inconsistencies in the data, then Federal government May cancel receipt first aid.