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FGTS withdrawal issued?  Government studies to save up to 1,000 Brazilian riyals for 40 million workers in the country

FGTS withdrawal issued? Government studies to save up to 1,000 Brazilian riyals for 40 million workers in the country

The federal government is considering launching a new round of withdrawals from the severance compensation fund (FGTS), which could benefit at least 40 million workers. The account with the number of beneficiaries, this Wednesday (23), was submitted by Folha DS Paulo.

on Tuesday (22), Paulo GeddesMinister of Economy in President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), it was already mentioned that The federal government can release FGTS resources, still this year to pay off the debts of the population.

“We can mobilize FGTS resources as well, because it is private money. These are the people who have resources there and are having difficulties. Sometimes, a guy owes money in the bank and he is a creditor in FGTS. Why can’t you withdraw this account and settle his debts?” he said at an event held by BTG Pactual. On the other side.

The discretionary audience of beneficiaries in the new raffle draw takes into account the number of stake holders who have accounts with a balance in the escrow fund. Payments can range from R$500 to R$1,000 per worker – still without official confirmation.

The limit depends on some factors: such as the need to ensure resources for regular withdrawals (in case of unreasonable separation or home purchase), the budget allocated to housing, urban infrastructure, and sanitation financing.

a Infomoney He awaits official posts from Caixa Econômica Federal and the Ministry of Economy on this matter.

Breathing in the economy

This measure could inject up to R$30 billion into the economy. Although the Minister indicated the payment of debts, the trend is to release the amount to workers who have available balance in the fund, allowing free use of resources.

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A new round of withdrawals is expected to be announced within the next 20 days. A Provisional Action (MP) authorizing resource recovery must be issued.

Third round of withdrawals

It should be noted that this may be the third time that Jair Bolsonaro’s government has allowed an exceptional withdrawal of FGTS resources.

In 2019, there was a release Withdraw active and inactive FGTS and PIS / Pasep accountsInjecting 30 billion Brazilian riyals into the economy.

The second round was in 2020, already in the shadow of the epidemic, with the launch of Emergency withdrawal of FGTSin an attempt to mitigate the effects of the health crisis on the income of Brazilians.

At the time, the deputy allowed account holders with FGTS balance – both active and inactive – to withdraw up to R$1,045, the value of the minimum wage in 2020.

The Michel Temer government (MDB) also used the same trick, in 2017, when it issued Withdrawals from inactive FGTS accounts for workers. In total, the measure enabled about 10.2 million workers to reach the values.