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Cruzeiro has been appointed as the second team likely to make Sri A.

a Sea trip The second team is appointed with more chances being able to Sri A. Act Brazilian championship By Betano, the Greek bookmaker. Heavenly elite comeback quote for national football is only less than a quote Basque, Great Candidate for Series B title.

Betano provides for a share of 1.50 to reach do Cruzeiro Srie A. This means that for every BRL invested in Raposa, the bettor receives a return of R $ 1.50.

J A. Koutaw to reach Vasco is at 1.15. The other teams ranked as favorites to win the Elite Promotion are Botafogo (1.80), Ava (2.00) and Curitiba (2.50). See Betano’s predictions of Srie B in the gallery below.

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According to the assessment of the Greek company, Vasco and Cruzeiro are the bosses Title candidates. Team quote for Invasion 4.00, Heavenly team quote 7.00.

The other teams that will fight for the cup, according to Betano, are: Botafogo, Ava and Curitiba, all with the same quote (8.00).


House does not offer specific bets for relegation in Series B. However, teams less fortunate to reach are the most threatening.

Pettano believes that Brazil de Pelotas-RS, Villa Nova-Go, Sampaio Cora-Massachusetts, Remo, Brusky-SC and Confiana-SE are the least fortunate teams to arrive and, therefore, those who must fight against the falls.