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Election of Professor from UnB University to join the American Academy of Sciences | Federal District

Professor Mercedes Bustamante in the Department of Ecology at the University of Brasilia (UnB) has been elected to join the Academy of Sciences of America (US National Academy of Sciences – NAS), a private, non-profit association that brings together distinguished scientists from different countries.

The group was founded by former US President Abraham Lincoln and has, throughout history, 2.9 thousand members – 2.5 thousand from the United States and 500 internationals. Of those elected, 190 have already won Nobel Prizes.

  • UnB has 25 professors in the world’s most influential research lists
  • The UnB professor is doing volunteer work to repair respirators in DF hospitals during the pandemic

“Yes, the elections were a surprise, but they came at a time when this incentive was absolutely necessary. The elections open the possibility of expanding international scientific cooperation and contributing to important scientific policy discussions related to our institutions,” says Al-Muallem, in an interview published by UnB.

New Academy members are elected annually and represent an appreciation of original scholarly research. According to the university, Professor Mercedes is a reference in the study of the Cerrado and global environmental changes.

Last year, she was one of the most cited researchers in the world, according to the Science website, being referenced in the work of 6,389 scientists from more than 60 countries.

“Merit is not individual, it is really a collective, having a space that encourages research, high-level teaching and postgraduate studies has been central to cooperation so that you can progress. I hope this will be a catalyst for our young researchers even in the face of the many uncertainties currently weakening the fields of education and science in Brazil. He says.

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