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A teenager arrested in Florianópolis while pretending to be a doctor at Celso Ramos Hospital

A teenager arrested in Florianópolis while pretending to be a doctor at Celso Ramos Hospital

A teenager was arrested while attempting to pretend to be a resident doctor at Govinador Celso Ramos Hospital, in Florianópolis, On Monday afternoon (31). The young woman was wearing a forged SES badge and a lab coat with her name embroidered on it. Information from the military police.

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According to the commander of the 4th Military Police Battalion in SC, Lt. Col. Diogo Cedral de Lima, the garrison went to the hospital and found the young woman, 17, in uniform as a health professional. She was contacted and her identity documents were confiscated, as well as the documents she was carrying, such as a prescription and materials from another hospital doctor.

After his arrest, the Prime Minister called the young sister who presented herself as responsible. A family member reportedly told the police that the girl had psychological problems and that she had already tried to present herself as a model in 2020.

According to the report, the State Minister of Health, in charge of Celso Ramos’ administration, informed that it was the hospital administration that called the police after realizing the farce, on Monday. The bag said in a note that “the matter is under investigation by the competent authorities.”

According to the information, the young woman introduced herself as a student to other hospital residents and said that she had arrived in Florianópolis through a transfer from São Paulo. She would also have told the other employees that she was a student at university institutions in Santa Catarina.

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The report was unable to confirm whether the young woman was the same person identified on the badge, or only used a fake name. After false ideological violations and illegal practice of medicine were recorded, the teenager was handed over to a family member and released.

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