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Science Club promotes “World of Molecules” event — IFRN

Science Club promotes “World of Molecules” event — IFRN

Actions to expand the central campus in Natal include activities at several IFRN branches and other institutions

The IFRN Science Club holds the “Universo das Particles” event in June. The activity is carried out through the extension project “Scientific inclusion: from knowledge to dissemination of particle physics”, linked to Campus Natal Central. The event contains 6 days of activities and takes place in several places, e.g Campus Zona Leste, Ciara Merim, and Canguaritama, offer wide-ranging programmes, with many activities dedicated to particle physics.

Among the event activities, such as lectures and workshops, two activities are of a distinct nature and stand out from the others: one of them is the virtual visit to the Atlas Experience, located in Geneva, Switzerland. ATLAS is one of four detectors at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and looks at particles like the Higgs boson and phenomena that could reveal new discoveries in physics.

In a live video call, participants were shown the control room, and during planned LHC shutdowns, the underground detector was demonstrated. Under the guidance of experiment scientists or engineers, visitors learned about the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), as well as the scientific goals and achievements of the ATLAS experiment. The audience present in the virtual tour was given space for questions and clarifications about the initiative.

Another activity highlighted was the MasterClass in Particle Physics. Aiming to promote science and evaluate research in the field of particle physics, it is the result of a partnership with the International Institute of Physics (IIP), the National Institute of Science and Technology CERN-Brazil, and the European Organization for Nuclear Research. (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland, and the Laboratory for Instrumentation and Experimental Particle Physics (LIP) in Lisbon, Portugal. This Wednesday, the 19th, a MasterClass was held at Campus Kangoritama. On Thursday the 20th, the person receiving the program is Campus Ciara Miriam.

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On Friday, June 21, the event will be held in the RN Education Department, targeting science teachers. During the MasterClass, participants have the opportunity to “get their hands dirty”, analyzing real events produced in experiments at the LHC (CERN), in a manner similar to the work of particle physicists.

This event contains valuable contribution from renowned researchers such as Marcia Bigali (UERJ/CERN), Varinado Quiroz (IIP/UFRN), both participating in person, and Denis Damasio (BNL/ATLAS-CERN), who worked remotely.


IFRN Scientific Club Instagram: @CCienciaIFRN.