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Due to the pandemic, Botafogo won another two-year franchise from Nilton Santos;  The New Deal will last until 2053

Due to the pandemic, Botafogo won another two-year franchise from Nilton Santos; The New Deal will last until 2053

the Botafogo Signed this Wednesday with Rio de Janeiro city hall Franchise renewal Nelton Santos. The current contract will only expire in 2033 – the original agreement will run until 2031, but Botafogo has been given another two years due to pandemic – Extension to 2053. Information published by writer Loro Jardim.

Also, according to the columnist, until Wednesday, the possibility of Botafogo being able to use the stadium for another 20 years, that is, until 2073, will still be discussed.

The concession for the new stadium establishes certain obligations to Botafogo. The club, for example, will have to make structural improvements, re-discuss the financial rebalancing of the stadium’s operation (only in 2020, the first year of the epidemic, Botafogo lost 7 million Rls) and expand its functions. It’s up to Botafogo to organize concerts and events in Nilton Santos, as well as revitalize the entire outdoor area.

The new contract can help Botafogo on two fronts. One of them is the possibility of obtaining a sponsor to name the stadium, which is called “naming rightsUsually this kind of sponsorship involves a lot of money and a long-term partnership. CorinthiansFor example, last year it ended a 20-year partnership with a company and would receive R$15 million annually in return. With only 12 years of franchise going, it will be difficult for Botafogo to find a business partner.

Another factor that the Botafogo grant helped in the process of transforming the club into anonymous community. After the move, the football assets will pass to the new investor. In doing so, the Nelton Santos franchise will also be transferred. And the length of the contract can lead to larger offers.

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This, by the way, is a topic that has already been discussed in Botafogo, and from a legal point of view there is no obstacle to transferring the franchise to an investor. This is already happening now. The owner of the right to use the stadium is a company called Companhia Botafogo, which cedes the mission to the club. Same thing with the investor.

Negotiated by Botafogo CEO, Jorge Bragawho committed to extend the privilege of requesting naming rights with the municipal finance secretary, Pedro Paulo Carvalho.