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Duda adenocarcinoma – MRI, exams and consultations

Duda adenocarcinoma – MRI, exams and consultations

Hello everyone, my name is Eduarda but everyone calls me Doda, I am 24 years old and I was recently diagnosed with… Rectal cancer (malignant). I have been suffering from severe abdominal pain and other symptoms since June of this year, and since then I have been seeing doctors. We were only able to get the correct report on what I had in November.

I have lost a lot of weight, and I cannot eat properly. Everything that fell on my stomach hurt me a lot. I needed to do some tests and the most expensive one was the one that gave me this report, unfortunately I couldn’t get it through SUS due to the delay. I waited in line for two months and was not contacted.

to progression And other symptoms I decided to do it privately, I spent an amount I didn’t have exactly R$1,267.00 colonoscopy + biopsy. You still need to have an MRI of the pelvis/abdomen To know the situation you are in. I received a request from a kind-hearted private oncologist who gave me some guidance, as no SUS doctor had contacted me for this specialty.

Just me, my mother and my younger brother, she is a daily worker and I will apply for INSS but even then I will bear a lot of costs, as SUS takes a long time to call for exams and specialists.

The amount will be used to pay for pain medications. Tramadol or paracetamol + codeine:

Consultation and follow-up with an oncology nutritionist to advise on appropriate nutrition in this case.

Other medicines, tests, consultations, transportation and food.


Any help will be greatly appreciated. God bless you, thank you very much!!

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