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Dominican Republic and United Kingdom sign Memorandum of Understanding for water, public health, transport, energy and defense infrastructure projects

Dominican Republic and United Kingdom sign Memorandum of Understanding for water, public health, transport, energy and defense infrastructure projects

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Santo Domingo. Governments of the Dominican Republic and the United Kingdom Signed on Thursday Memorandum of Understanding It established initial parameters for future cooperation between the two countries Creating business linkages and facilitating financial support.

Protocol signed By Joel Santos Echavarria, Minister of the Presidency Vomic Shah, on behalf of the Government of the Dominican Republic and Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, through the Export Credit Guarantee Department acting as the UK Export Fund (UKEF). In the presence of the British ambassador in the country, Moqbul Ali .

Speaking at the event in the Sala Verde of the National Palace, Minister Santos said the deal was possible. The trust that developed between the two countries and the strength of the Dominican economy.

“An economy that grew 4.9% last year and 7.2% the year before and maintains great stability reflected in key risk assessments, which has made positive assessments of our economy amid this process,” he said.

Assessing the UK Government’s debt tax increase

He said that the Dominican Republic is another example of what international cooperation and in this case the relationship with the United Kingdom can do. Strategically strengthening infrastructure and strengthening social aspects They are the two main objectives of President Luis Abinader’s plan of government.

Also, the minister appreciated the UK government’s increase in line of credit as the trust and bilateral relations between the two countries, which date back to the 19th century, are getting stronger day by day.

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“On behalf of His Excellency the President of the Republic, Mr. Luis Abinador, we express our warmest thanks to the Government of the United Kingdom for their trust in the Government of the Dominican Republic to fund development projects that will benefit the Dominican people.” said the minister.

Water, public health, transport, energy and security projects

The memorandum will cover projects implemented by the Ministries of Defence, Agriculture, Public Health and Energy and Mines, as well as the National Water and Sewerage Agency (INAPA), Santo’s Waterways and Sewerage Corporation. Domingo (CAASD), National Water Resources Institute (INDRHI) and Office of Metropolitan Bus Services (OMSA).

“Inapa is responsible for carrying out eight development projects such as universal sanitation of tourism and coastal cities and construction of several water bodies in the Eastern Region”, Santos said.

Likewise, he pointed out that the CAASD will carry out a study on social impact, sanitation and sewerage. 92 canyons in the environs of Greater Santo Domingo Solid waste management proposal design in affected communities, as well as a sewerage plan for the valleys of Greater Santo Domingo.

The Minister has also explained that it is in the agreement 15 development projects This is part of the agreement between the two countries, which is scheduled to be implemented in 2024.

Minister Santos recalled after the June 6 meeting between President Luis Abinader and the British Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Moqbul Ali. Extension of line of credit to the country to the tune of 4,000 million pounds sterling by the UK government because of its confidence in the Dominican economy.

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“Today, 16 days later, we will meet again to sign this Memorandum of Understanding that will provide the Dominican Republic with resources to carry out strategic infrastructure projects in the sectors of water, public health, transportation, energy and security,” he noted. . outside. .

Development of bilateral relations between the two countries

In turn, UK Export Finance (UKEF) CEO Womick Shaw Reiterated its commitment to remain a preferred partner of the Dominican Republic Transformational changes For the country.

UK Export Finance (UKEF) Native Chairman, signed this MoU A great example of what both countries can achieve together And it will be reflected in the development of bilateral relations between the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic.

Womick Shaw thanked President Luis Abinader on behalf of UK Export Finance for the interest and confidence the Dominican government has placed in the UK.

Public Health Minister Daniel Rivera and Deputy Minister of Dominican Communities Abroad Carlos de la Motta were present at the signing, in addition to officials and representatives from the United Kingdom Embassy in the country.