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scary!  The Gen Z “cash stuffing” trend is flooding TikTok

scary! The Gen Z “cash stuffing” trend is flooding TikTok

a Money stuffinga popular trend on TikTok, has been adopted by young consumers as a way to manage their finances.

The practice is based on the cash envelope system, a money-saving trick where people put specific amounts of money into separate envelopes intended for specific expenses such as rent, medical care, or groceries.

Generation Z brought an aesthetic and personal approach to process Money stuffing, using dividers, colored envelopes, and pens to plan your expenses in a more visual and fun way. Understand how “grandmother” works!

Generation Z is resuming the old custom and succeeding on TikTok

a Money stuffing It allows users to easily view the funds they have available for each spending category, which helps them keep track of their finances in a more organized manner.

Popular accounts like @cashstuffingfix have gained more than half a million followers by dedicating themselves to this trend.

By adopting this practice, consumers can gain a better understanding of how they spend their money and how much they have available to spend.

popularity Money stuffing Evidenced on TikTok by the impressive number of views under the hashtag #CashStuffing, which has reached 1.1 billion.

Another influencer account, baddiesandbudgets, has received more than 6.8 million likes on its money and budget-related videos, showing user interest and engagement in learning more about the financial practice.

Blain Pearson, Ph.D., co. CFP, a financial behavior expert, previously told Insider that the practice helps reduce the stress associated with “mental accounting.”

This term refers to a constant preoccupation with unpaid bills due to the lack of proper control over spending.

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It seems that an old trick, used by our grandparents, is being revived among the younger ones in the United States.

While the trend is important, it goes to show that no matter how outdated something is, fashion will always go back to the old styles.