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Firefighters struggle to control fires in Sweden

Firefighters struggle to control fires in Sweden

Swedish rescue services said on Tuesday that they were still trying to extinguish the fire that broke out on Monday in the country's largest amusement park in the city of Gothenburg. One person is still missing after the fire destroyed a new water park under construction inside the complex.

Authorities had indicated the fire was under control, but it gained strength overnight, a spokesman for Gothenburg's rescue services told public broadcaster SVT. “The fire started again and we alerted new units. When we were on the site, it was discovered quickly,” he added, explaining that there was no significant risk of it spreading.

Rescue services had indicated at noon that work was being hampered due to the risk of the collapse of a building under construction. “We explored the accessible parts, the ones we considered safe, and we couldn't find anyone,” Per Nyqvist of Gothenburg Rescue Services said. He added that firefighters are still working to completely extinguish the fire and are trying to prevent its collapse.

Pictures of Monday's fire show fireballs, flames and several explosions destroying a waterslide, while a cloud of black smoke rose above the city. A statement from emergency services said: “There is no longer any smoke affecting the neighbourhood, but there are still flames and fires in some buildings in the building.”

The police opened an investigation on charges of gross negligence and violation of the labor law. Sixteen people were treated for minor injuries, but none were taken to hospital.