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Dive into science enrolls children and teachers in online workshops - Jornal da USP

Dive into science enrolls children and teachers in online workshops – Jornal da USP

The University of the South Pacific Ocean Institute’s Culture and Extension Project aims to encourage scientific knowledge; Registrations can be made until June 15th.

Activities will be presented in online format – Photo: 123RF


Registration for the 2021 edition of the project is now open Dive into science USPIt will be held remotely between July and September. The initiative, which aims to encourage the entry of young people into the world of science, is aimed at students from the fifth to the ninth grade of public and private schools from all over Brazil and from Portuguese-speaking countries.

In all, the chapters will cover 11 topics within the exact sciences, earth sciences, biological, humanities, health, and engineering. Subjects such as astronomy, oceanography, neuroscience, and evolution will be taught by scientists from the University of the South Pacific, the Federal University of ABC (UFABC), and the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Students will also receive supplementary materials and a certificate at the end of the course.

Registration can be done until June 15, through the project website, neste link. The first activities begin on July 24 and run until the end of September. With the aim of achieving greater social inclusion, all chapters will be translated into Libras (Brazilian Sign Language). Students can choose between two registration modes:

Face to face with scholars

Here, the meetings will take place remotely, via Google Meet, on four Saturdays between July and August. Among those registered, 150 students – 75 from public schools and 75 from private schools – will be selected to participate in the classes. In this method, in addition to the recordings, the speaking scientists will be available for chat and live activities. Student attendance will be calculated and the certificate will be issued to those who have achieved an attendance rate of more than 75%.

online education

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In this method, all subscribers can participate. Course content will be available during July and September on the online platform congresse.me. The material will consist of recordings of lectures by Brazilian scholars, supplementary and assessment activities, which will be released each week. The participant can complete it at any time he prefers and the certificate will be issued after taking short exams at the end of each module of the course.

In addition to students, undergraduate and postgraduate observers from public and private universities in Brazil can also register in the project’s live method. They will be responsible for supervising and assisting students, as well as participating in the processes of teaching, learning and exercising leadership skills.

Elementary school teachers can enroll in the course if they want to use the course as supplemental material for their classes. For this, they must fill out the form specified for teachers and direct their students to register for the distance education method in the student form.

Mergulho na Ciência USP is a partnership between the Institute of Oceans (IO) and the Dean of Culture and Extension University (PRCEU) at the University of the South Pacific, with the goal of introducing children and youth into science. In previous years, the project implemented free and personal courses, lectures, workshops and lessons within the university. However, with the pandemic, the course has been adapted to an online format.

More information can be obtained from the website http://mergulhonaciencia.com or by e-mail [email protected]