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Never eat more than this amount of chocolate per day;  do you know why

Never eat more than this amount of chocolate per day; do you know why

Chocolate is a true national addiction. Nobody disagrees with that! It is passionate and versatile, as you can find it in every way and in various recipes. Cakes, pies, ice cream, pre-made, cookies… they are found in all kinds of foods. In addition, it is produced by different brands and even leads to the appearance of chocolate white.

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Although it is a delicious type of dessert, it is not entirely healthy. In fact, pure and simple chocolate is not Harmful Health, but all things mixed with it to make it more delicious, yes. The most common, which people like most, receive several components: a lot of milk, sugar and fat.

Especially white, which is not even real chocolate, but rather a mixture of several varieties, most notably the very bad fat! The girlfriend ends up being one of the main culprits for diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol and even problems Hypertension.

This is why the ideal option is for people to limit consumption as much as possible. If you’re going to taste it, always in small amounts. Thus, a question arises: is there an integer number of chocolates to consume? The answer is yes, but no. And with so many variants!

Check it out: Nobody Dies To eat chocolate, at least not directly to him. The candy even contains some amount of theobromine, a plant compound that can kill if eaten in large numbers, yet a person would need to eat more than 700 bars of milk chocolate for that to happen.

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Also, it is very likely that she will die from something else before she gets to that point. What if we changed the question to: How much chocolate can a person eat per day and stay on a diet? balanced? The answer is not exact, but we can get somewhere.

This is because there is no universal amount for all diets. They are different and work for very specific bodies and purposes. If we come up with a figure that is hardly harmful to any diet, it would be 45 grams of chocolate with the highest possible cocoa content. We’re talking about 70%!

Of course, in this case, not many people will want it, because it tends to be more bitter, but facts are facts. It is by far the healthiest. And as said, if you really want to to avoid Whatever harm chocolate can do to your body, what you should do is not eat in general, so fight temptations.