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Discover the new data protection features on iPhone

In order to provide more protection to users who use the option to save data in the cloud, the An apple Availability of three Security features Advanced, which will be made available to customers in 2023, according to the company.

The measures are as follows:

Security keys

Image: Apple

The translation of the image reads: “Use the security key. To access, insert one of the security keys and activate it. If you have an NFC key, place it near the top of this iPhone.”

Since two-factor authentication has already become a reality on Apple devices since 2015, the novelty provides the option of using other devices to be able to connect to the platforms. Apparently, even NFCs can be used.

means NFC Close range communicationor Proximity Field Communication, a technology already used in digital wallets, for example, which makes it possible to make payments just by bringing the device closer.

Verify communication via iMessage

Image: Apple

The job was seen as a way to generate greater protection for activists, journalists, and government officials. The tool alerts iMessage users if someone hacks into their cloud servers and accesses their devices to view communications they shouldn’t have access to. This news was announced by Apple in the last month of last year.

Advanced data protection in the cloud

Image: Apple

Apple already offers protection for data stored in iCloud. However, the protection through end-to-end encryption technology covers nearly 14 categories of files. With the new service, users can enjoy protection of up to 23 categories, including photos, notes, audio recordings, and much more.

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In this way, it appears that later this year, users of Apple devices will have more advanced security options.