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Discover the 11 best countries for retirement and quality of life

Discover the 11 best countries for retirement and quality of life

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When entering old age, many people look for places that provide them with comfort and tranquility. A study of the Global Retirement Index, conducted by Natixis, revealed the 11 best countries for living a peaceful life after retirement.

The study examines four main aspects: health (including medical expenses and other well-being indicators), quality of life (such as air and water quality, general happiness and the environment), and financial well-being (including income and purchasing power). employment opportunities) and finance (such as taxes, inflation, and pension system sustainability).

The chart, prepared by Visual Capitalist, assigns an overall score to each country, taking all these factors into account. Unfortunately, Brazil is not on the list, because it does not offer the appropriate level of quality of life for seniors.

Here are the 11 featured countries and their results:

  • 11 – Austria | Score: 75
  • 10 – Denmark | Score: 76
  • 9 – Germany | Score: 76
  • 8 – New Zealand | Score: 77
  • 7 – Australia | Score: 78
  • 6 – Netherlands (Netherlands) | Score: 79
  • 5 – Luxembourg | Score: 79
  • 4 – Ireland | Score: 80
  • 3 – Iceland | Score: 81
  • 2 – Switzerland | Score: 82
  • 1 – Norway | Score: 82

How does Brazil rank in the rankings? The full study, which includes 25 of the top countries, puts Brazil at a disadvantage, ranking 43rd, just ahead of India.

Before us are countries such as Türkiye, Mexico, Colombia, the Russian Federation and China. In terms of financial well-being, Brazil scored lower than India, at just 9% compared to 11% in the Asian country.

In addition to the countries mentioned, there are other destinations that provide an excellent quality of life, including Canada, which ranks 12th, in addition to Finland, Sweden, and Slovenia. It is worth noting that the rating is relative and takes into account a variety of social factors, in addition to the four main factors mentioned.

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With information from IGN Brazil.