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The President of Portugal dissolves Parliament and calls for early elections – Jovem Ban

The President of Portugal dissolves Parliament and calls for early elections – Jovem Ban

Portuguese President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, makes a statement after a meeting of the Council of State at the Palacio de Belém, in Lisbon

president Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Souzadecided on a solution Parliament And calling for early legislative elections today March 10. This action was taken after the resignation of the Prime Minister Antonio CostaFrom the Socialist Party in November last year. The political crisis in the country began after a series of arrests related to an influence-peddling case involving Costa's chief of staff and the Minister of Infrastructure. The situation worsened when… Public Ministry The announcement was made by Operation Influencer, which investigates irregularities in the lithium and hydrogen businesses, leading to an investigation into Costa in the High Court of Justice. In light of these events, the Prime Minister resigned and announced that he would not run for another term. He nominated the Socialist Party, which leads in opinion polls but does not have an absolute majority Pedro Nuno Santos As new Secretary General in December. It will be this Ninth time Portugal has undergone early elections since the establishment of democracy in 1974, after the fall of the dictatorship led by António de Oliveira Salazar. Lists of representatives can be submitted until January 29, and the election campaign begins on February 25.


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