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Maduro dictatorship arrests human rights activist

Maduro dictatorship arrests human rights activist

Rocio San Miguel (photo), activist and expert on military issues in Venezuela Imprisoned by the regime of Nicolas Maduro When you are about to make A trip abroad.

Family and friends of Rocio, president of the NGO Citizen control over security, defense, and national armed forces, They do not know the whereabouts of the activist Since she was arrested on Friday the ninth of this month.

“We demand their immediate release and denounce that this new violation is part of the painful practice of persecution against those who defend and exercise rights.”NGO Provea warned.

According to several local media outlets, San Miguel, a critic of the Maduro regime, has been arrested Simón Bolívar Airport(Maiquetia, Vargas state).

It could have been cited in the named case “white bracelet”It is part of the Bolivarian conspiracies presented as justification for several Arrests of opponents.

at least 36 people were arrested in the country at the end of January For his involvement in alleged plans to assassinate Maduro. These discoveries prompted the regime to announce the signing of the agreement with the opposition Suspending the holding of elections in the second semester.

Since the plans were revealed, Maduro has linked the alleged plots to his usual rivals: opposition leaders and the country's intelligence agents. we And the Colombian army.

“Rocío San Miguel was a victim of harassment, persecution and discrimination by the Venezuelan state. His arrest constitutes a very serious reality that highlights the gradual closing of civic space and the efforts of those who govern to suppress critical voices.The NGO Provea added.

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