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Essential startup practices for your company!

Essential startup practices for your company!

world Start-ups Full of innovative concepts and practices that can be extremely useful for any type of company. Even if it's not technology-based, there are many valuable lessons to be learned from these dynamic projects. Here are five such practices that can make a difference in your business.

Put the customer first

One of the crucial points in startups, as highlighted by Eduardo Gumede, Innovation Director at Sebrae-SP, is customer focus. Unlike traditional businesses, such as butchers or bakeries, which often do not investigate deeply into the needs and wants of customers in a region, startups use the minimum viable product (MVP) concept to test and adapt their offerings based on their customers' feedback. .

Gumede recommends conducting surveys and monitoring customer satisfaction regularly, and asking yourself: “Is frequency good? If so, how to increase the average ticket? If not, what needs to change?”

Celebrating achievements

Startups tend to celebrate even the smallest victories. Salloum points out that this environment encourages ambition to achieve more achievements. He suggests finding ways to celebrate in the workplace, even in simple ways, like creating a stress-relieving space.

Pivoting: The art of changing direction

Pivoting or changing core aspects of the business is a common practice in startups. Gumede defines pivoting as “Make mistakes fast, learn fast, and change fast.”.

Traditional entrepreneurs are often reluctant to make big changes, but it's essential to re-evaluate strategies when revenue and frequency start to decline. As Fabian Salom, a professor at Fundação Dom Cabral, says, resistance often comes from being too attached to the product or service.

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Networking: Building connections

Startups excel at building networks, forming strategic partnerships, and connecting with other entrepreneurs.

Gumede advises attending events, training courses and even working in them Joint work To connect with other professionals. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining relationships through social networks after face-to-face meetings.

Innovative work environments

Startups are known for their comfortable and creative workspaces. Although not all businesses can adopt slides or pool tables, Gumede suggests adapting the idea to your business reality.

Small changes, like changing the decor or offering different drinks, can make a big difference. Salom also recommends flexible workspaces, which encourage interaction between people from different areas.

These startup practices and concepts can be implemented in any company, regardless of its size or sector. They provide a renewed approach to business, with an emphasis on innovation, adaptation and continuous growth.