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Deniz defends Fluminense’s performance and explains Marcelo’s absence against Flamengo  Fluminense

Deniz defends Fluminense’s performance and explains Marcelo’s absence against Flamengo Fluminense

a Fluminense Flamengo defeated him on Thursday night, in the Maracanã, with two goals from Arascaita and Gabigol, and he was eliminated from the Brazilian Cup. After the match, Fernando Diniz analyzed Tricolor’s performance and talked about Marcelo’s absence.

Flamengo vs Fluminense – Best Moments

We’re not going to do any witch hunts. Do you think the team played badly against Corinthians? I thought the team did well, the team had a lot of chances going head to head, we lost a little organization but we played well. Today we didn’t play badly, we were very dominant in possession, but we didn’t have quality in goal. I don’t see we had five bad games. We were much worse against Cuiaba than today and we beat them – according to his analysis.

Marcelo didn’t feel fit to play. We took care of him during that time, he tried to play against Corinthians before, he wasn’t very good yet. The week before he got Fla-Flu, he wasn’t feeling well either, so together we decided not to field him in the match, because if he got injured, the time lost would be much longer.

Two options that came out of Fluminense During the match were Arthur and Isaac, guys brought up in the club’s youth categories. Fernando Diniz has made an assessment on top of these substitutes with regard to the short range of the tricolor.

– I think key players produce in training and, as it is, I see they can contribute. The cast is not that short. We hired Jorge and he got injured, there was Vitor Mendes (removed for being involved in a betting controversy), two of them… and Marcelo. The blanket gets shorter. I really don’t like tall actors, but we didn’t have Alexsander either. We prepared Marcelo for today and he couldn’t play, if you count Jorge and Felipe Melo, that means six more players. We are trying, but it is difficult to hire, we have to respect the salary limit. We were smaller than we should have been, but she brought together all the things in the world under the same conditions as they are today. But the process of maturation of the main players is like this.

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Diniz in Flamengo x Fluminense – Photo: André Durão / ge

More statements by Fernando Diniz

Performance against Flamengo
– We ended up exposing ourselves at the end of the game and Flamengo took advantage. But the Fluminense I played a good game. They scored again with the dead ball, which was a strong point for us. We had a lot of corners and we couldn’t take advantage of them. We eventually lost the organization with the passion and couldn’t capitalize on it.

We have to follow the standards to know how to recruit. a Fluminense I do not have money. Paying salaries is complicated, the boss needs to be able to get money to meet commitments, so we must have strict recruitment standards.

Fluminense From heaven to hell?
– My answer will be the same as when we beat Carioca. Many people think they go from heaven to hell. I’m not in heaven and I’m not in hell either. The team reacted and started to play well. It was a match with a very difficult opponent. I want to see in the future who will have the kind of acquisitions we had. The result often slips away from us, there are things that cannot be explained. The players know we need to improve, and they know we need to look at our performance and keep improving. It’s common sense, we’re still the same, it’s not heaven or hell. There is no hell with me.

to improve
– People have embezzlement. We don’t want the team to go out of production, but eventually it does. Good teams are the ones that increase productivity, and I think we’ve done that. Until the 30th minute, it was a game with few chances and we were afraid of a dead ball. We have to train and develop the team and be able to repeat the performance we had against Corinthians in the first half, and there is no ready-made recipe. We want the team to score a lot of goals but it is not always possible for that to happen.

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Game against RB Bragantino
– We’ll try our best. It has no recipe. We will train to create opportunities, trade… The first thing we do is create opportunities. We will do everything to achieve them.

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– The team is always obliged to fight. The team has been eliminated and now it’s time to do our best to continue the season.

Departure from Bale, Michel Araujo, Caligari and Cayo Paulista
– Cayo Paulista was a man who was hostile to everyone, Michel Araujo and Caligari the same way… Fluminense I submitted this. They didn’t leave because of that. The team has Alexsander and Marcelo and we went after Jorge for the turn who unfortunately got injured. I loved all these players, Caio played great games on the wing. Gabriel Teixeira’s choice to leave was his, and the proceeds of the club came. The environment is part of that, we couldn’t play badly because it was all Kaio’s fault at a certain point, regardless of whether he played well or not.

With the fall of the Brazil Cup, it has become Fluminense He is still alive in the Copa Libertadores, where he leads Group D with three wins in four matches, and in the Brazilian Championship, a tournament that currently occupies eighth place with 13 points.

And the team returns to the meadows next Sunday to face RB Bragantino, again at the Maracanã, at 4 pm, in the ninth round of the Brazilian League.