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“feeling tired and impatient”;  Tension and lack of attitude are “irritating” to Inter under Mano Menezes

“feeling tired and impatient”; Tension and lack of attitude are “irritating” to Inter under Mano Menezes


Colorado was shut out by Coelho and was booed by the on-field fans

Maxi Franzoi/AGIF – Manu Menezes has been questioned a lot by Inter fans

Internacional de Mano Menezes did not have an easy task. Rio Grande do Sul lost the first match against Coelho 2-0, with Aloysio “Boy Bandido” being responsible for both goals for the miners. However, the home side knew they could count on their fans’ support to reverse the negative result.

Even the most optimistic fans couldn’t have imagined that Colorado would be able to propose a first half of the game as perfect as it was. Inter opened 1-0, with Colombian defender Nico Hernandez, in a set game. The team’s second goal, born of another free kick, this time, finished right back Igor Gomez. And in a controversial move inside the area, Luis Flavio de Oliveira scored a penalty from a bunny defender on striker Luca and Pedro Henrique ended a drought that had dragged on since February.

However, as is often the case in the season, Mano Menezes’ team lost performance in the second half and with this the rabbit reached the goal with Juninho with a beautiful header. However, the game moved to the moment that makes all the fans anxious and tense, the famous “Maximum Penalties”, in which two guards had similar stories. John and Mateus Bassinato have both become rookies in both teams and one of them will emerge victorious from this duel.

Alessandra Torres/Agive Juninho was responsible for scoring the goal that secured the Bundesliga rating

With the game 3 to 1, the penalty kick showed Colorado’s weaknesses. Alexandre Alemao missed his kick and had a moment of exhaustion with the crowd, which preceded his chance to kick again and score his goal, letting out a cry that echoed in Beira Rio. However, shortly after, Di Pena went to the ball and touched it with his supporting foot before finishing his shot. The final score for America Mineiro was 5-4.

The Internacional team seemed to be in shock at what happened at home. Mano Menezes and his men were transfixed looking at the stands, looking for answers to questions none of them could ask. In a delicate moment, the players went to thank the fans for their support and received several boos and insults in return. Colorado has been eliminated from the Copa do Brasil and will need something new if it is to survive the other competitions it plays in this season.