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Delete now!  Apps with 1.5 million users are actually spies

Delete now! Apps with 1.5 million users are actually spies

You may think that you are using your favorite apps safely, so be careful. Two apps with 1.5 million users and apparently reliable, File Recovery & Data Recovery and File Manager, have been caught secretly spying on devices and sending their data to servers located in China.

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This disturbing discovery was made public by cybersecurity firm Pradeo. The apps, developed by an individual named “Wang Tom”, have been downloaded by more than 1.5 million users through the Google Play Store, the official store of the Android ecosystem.

The information is alarming because these spy apps work stealthily, without the need for users’ permission. They invade devices and collect sensitive information such as contacts, multimedia files, real-time location, and network provider. They act like real internet thieves, silently stealing valuable data. Interestingly, the apps claimed not to collect data.

The apps with 1.5 million users behaved like ghosts

The company warned that these spy apps not only steal data but also infiltrate devices and dump their icons to avoid detection. In addition, they can reboot cell phones and work in stealth mode, like ghosts on the Internet.

But how did these apps manage to deceive so many people? Regarding this, Pradeo believes that developer “Wang Tom” used emulators or other methods to inflate the number of downloads and create a user-friendly look for apps.

If you install these apps, uninstall them immediately and boost your device security with a reputable antivirus. It is also worth recommending that you take your device to be evaluated by a security professional.

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Remember that File Recovery & Data Recovery and File Manager developed by Wang Tom should be uninstalled and avoided.