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Curitiba Partners Agrees to Sell SAF, Tricorp One Step Closer to Taking Over Operation |  Curitiba

Curitiba Partners Agrees to Sell SAF, Tricorp One Step Closer to Taking Over Operation | Curitiba

With 96% approval, the members Curitiba He agreed, Wednesday, to sell 90% of the club’s SAF to Treecorp Investimentos. The number of voters reached 8,505, of which 8,172 voters chose.

Voting was conducted virtually through a platform provided by Coxa. The election ended at 2 pm. Previously, the deliberation board had also voted and approved the deal.

Coto Pereira, Curitiba Stadium – Photo: Curitiba

Check out the poll numbers:

96% agree
8,505 votes
8172 – Yes
304 – no
12 whites
17 null
8 members voted personally
7 – Yes
1 – no

The club is one step away from completing the sale. Now, all that remains is the approval of the judge in charge of judicial reorganization in Curitiba. This response has no deadline, but if it is positive, the club hopes that SAF will be 100% operational by the end of June.

the job

The purchase of Treecorp involves the transfer of 90% of the share capital of the club company and an investment of approximately R$1.1 billion over 10 years. The remaining 10% is the responsibility of the association.

As a minority shareholder, the association will retain responsibility for overseeing the management of the new owners, through governance, as well as having veto power over traditional matters. There will be a board of directors, of up to ten members, whose name the association may indicate. The Finance Council consists of five members, one of whom is appointed by the Assembly. These are the people who will be responsible for participating in the management.

See the main points

  • Absolving the club of the total debts of 270 million Brazilian riyals. Second principal, repayment must be completed within 10 years.
  • Construction of a new training center in Campina Grande do Sul, with an investment of R$100 million;
  • renovation and modernization of Couto Pereira Stadium, at an estimated R$500 million;
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